Tuesday, January 22, 2013


HELLO! Syok sendiri again!
Another song - Dokugumo Onna
No lyrics here 'cause the main thing is the song and the dance haha :D :x

(their live last year)

The videos I posted here are pretty normal, but not this following one
The dance tutorial for this song....

Puaahahah :D :x

Ok another one, same song but got another song "ULTRA PHANTOM" which is an imitation of B'z "ULTRA SOUL"

Start from 3:40 their intro MC before the song, Kyan (the guitarist) is talking about B'z
This is what he said:
"B'z is also cool right? Especially the guitarist Matsumoto-san, really cool. His guitar(play) is good, his guitar is good, right?" He kept emphasizing that Matsumoto Tak's guitar is really good

In Japanese "guitar(play) is good" is "ギターがうまい" (gita- ga umai), うまい(umai) can be good or delicious/tasty or just to describe something you think is good

Annnddddd, at the "guitar solo", Kyan dressed up as Matsumoto Tak and imitating him as Sho (vocalist) said "ギターがうまい!!" and....
Well just watch it yourself... :x

Ok it's obviously i'm syok sendiri-ing, whatever la i syok ma :x

Oh man... downloaded their "Life is All Right" live and watch it last night with my sis
And it... was... AWESOME HAHAH
We kept laughing and scolding sohi because their performance is really really... wtf.....!!
Of course there's some (quite) sentimental moments BUT just for that few seconds and back to stupidity LOL
Even though it's just watching video, it's already fun and hilarious enough
Can you imagine what if it is at their real live??

Arghhhh i wanna go to their real live!!!
I think i've have a couple of artiste i want to see in person, but forget all of them!!
I want to see them before I dieeeee (but of course I wanna see GLAY too! MUST!!)
GLAY and Golden Bomber!!!

...............ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! HELPPPPP!!!!!!!

.....why assignments... why you want to interrupt me....?!!
and studies... why you want to interrupt me too....?!!


Ok bye lol.

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