Thursday, September 27, 2012


......and running away from stress just for a few minutes
answer random questions from chiing's blog

1.   Why did you decide to make a blog?
Because i don't speak my probs, not good in speaking. lol.

2.   Favourite food?
Cake. With chocolate. and mousse. and cream.

3.   What colour are your room walls?
White. plain. white.

4.   Oreos or choc chip cookies, and WHY?
Chocolate chips cookies. i like chocochip.

5.   Your dream date?
Amusement park i guess? Lol i think it's the only thing that can distract me from awkwardness? Wth

6.   Best feature in a guy, explain your dream guy!
Ikuta Toma + Mukai Osamu + Miyavi. C:
Height? (is this even a feature?) Taller than me, looks huger than me

7.   Western or Asian make-ups?
Asian. But i rarely wear make up. So, bye.

8.   Your current favourite piece of clothing/accessory/shoes?
That RM5 old cloth pant that i cut off it's legs. looks old and lehfeh but comfy ma. cincai la.

9.   Your favourite chocolate, or your favourite fruit? Maybe both?
I don't know... as long as it is choco cake or cookie or beverage, it's fine (it has to taste good too of course)
Fruit? Apple.

10. Favourite fast food outlet? Or favourite place to eat?
A&W. but long time no go there liao

11. The place that you most want to travel to?
Japan lor.

Podoki's questions

1. What is the best drama that makes you cry/laugh the hardest?
There ARE dramas that made me cry hard and laugh hard buuuuuut i forgot what drama ==

2. Imagine yourself as a cartoon character, who do you wanna be?
......dororo..... Q_Q or Tsukasa

3. Long hair or short hair? Which one do you prefer?
SHORT! but not tooooo short la

4. Who is your favourite model?
No one

5. Define the hottest guy you've ever met? (Or any celebrity)

6. Your favourite place to hang out?
Those small tea house or restaurant like 康成....? Or playground. lol.

7. Do you have a pet? or What kinda pet do you wanna have?
No. :( I want a black cat. or a dog. 
if it's small, i want something like shih tzu, if it's big, i want sheepdog. haha.

8. Describe your best friend.
My sister. :) AWWWWW C:

9. Heels or sneakers? Why?
Sneakers. because i'm more comfortable with it.

10. List three people that you respect the most in your life.
My mum. my sis. my dad.

11. List two places that you will never visit them again.
I can't remember, maybe that's how i never visit them? -_-

Ok bye.


貓與太陽 said...

2. Favourite food?
Cake. With chocolate. and mousse. and cream.

Eat silicone barh you~~~ xDDD

KaedE said...

silicone cannot eat... 要不然真的看起来很好吃... :x