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**Note: Long LONG post, you might wanna ignore this.

If you know me, you will know that I love Japan, I love to listen to Japanese music
If you know me, you will know that I spend on music collections rather than anything else
If you know me, you will know that I love to see live performances especially live (even though I didn't go frequently..)
If you know me, you will know that I've always wanted to see my idols' live concerts
If you know me, you will know that I would definitely want go to their concerts if they are around
(if I can afford, that is)

If you are close to me/did follow my blog/Twitter
You will know that I was going to see ONE OK ROCK in Singapore
But unfortunately my grandma passed away, on the same date of the concert
So, bye to my money for ticket and passport, and my parents' money for bus tickets x3 x 2days

I won't blame anything or so, it's just very memorable things that happened after my 21st birthday
Last photo with grandma, last angpau by her, passed away on the concert day/my lunar birthday
Won't forget what happened indeed


After few days or a week or two later (the beginning of this month, July)
............what...the...f.....freakin WHAAAAT??? SERIOUSLY?!! This is HUGE MAJOR NEWS!!! MIYAVI?? HERE?? MALAYSIA?? OUR COUNTRY???!! And it's on 25th July!! Few weeks later!! Not months, WEEKS!
I don't care, I just say I want to go without hesitating, and of course so does my sis
Checked the price, RM130 for Rock Zone, VIP tickets? just ignore them. 
Got discount from Jrock Tamashii, OK BUY!!

Told Ting immediately 'cause I know she likes him too, and AhHui my ex-colleague at CLASSIC


So... who is MIYAVI?

He's a Japanese rock musician, which I started to know him when his major album released
Which during those days there is "AIUEO" on TVBS Asia, and I get to know lots of Japanese artistes
Which is during my early days of my secondary school

His major album - Miyavism 雅主義 released in 2005
How does he looked like during that time?

Awesome colourful hair, pierces on his face, tattoos on his body
This is the MIYAVI that I first know
He was so young.... (compared to how he look now) *o* 
Well basically he already started his music career before 2000 but still in the indies 
Came out as a guitarist of a Visual Kei band Due le Quartz, but after disband he went solo
But this is the first song I know him

This is the show where I used to watch and followed
This episode is not the one I remember I watched
But you can see a bit of his guitar skills tho

Anyway, his guitar skill is awesome, he looks freakin' cool and somehow acts cool
But he also acts stupidly weird too lololol
Well, this is his image
Piercings, tattoos, nice hair, good looking, awesome guitar skill and showmanship
Girlish (or gayish for you) yet manly, act like a kid and act stupid, and weird lol
Which is why his fans love him :)

Here are some of his transformation

Lol maybe it's too over for you, but i sudah biasa these looks
There are more artistes' style are exaggerate that his ok, VISUAL KEI
But now he tone down a lot, later you see la

I remember I loved to watch his Pop is Dead PV
I mean.. he is weird and you will think "wtf is he doing?" and stuffs
And Jibun Kakumei too, Itoshii Hito, and Kekkonshiki no Uta PV, I LOOOVE this one :)

Lots of old songs, these 3 songs, Jibun Kakumei, Selfish Love, Itoshii Hito etc
His songs from Miyavizm, MYV Pops, Miyaviuta Dokusou, This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock
Not that familiar with This Iz Japanese Kabuki Rock, but know few of their songs
There's two more old albums before Miyavizm but I'm not familiar with those :(
Even though I'm not a HUUUGE fan, I'm still a big fan
Even though I didn't listen to his songs like everyday, I still put his songs in my playlist
I love his songs compare to most of the other current visual rock artiste in Japanese
He's my favourite guitarist (as in skills) and he IS one of the artiste that I want to see their live performance
(other than GLAY and chatmonchy and ayaka and X JAPAN etc etc...)

But I had never ever wish that they (except for GLAY :x) to come here
I was planning to go to Japan to see them, not here, not at all
Especially Miyavi who has tattoos all over his body

I even wanted to buy his Neo Tokyo Samurai but I didn't buy it 'cause I don't have that much money
Now... look at the price now....T_____T
And "This Iz The Original Samurai Style" DVD, there is this DVD at the place where I worked last time
But it is "Malaysia edition"... you know what the quotation marks mean...
It is cheap, very VERY cheap, but I don't wanna... you know.....
(but maybe I'll buy it someday? 'cause it's better than downloading...? x_x?
maybe not....still against it.... Uggghhhhh money....!!! x___x)

He (quite) recent look, toned down A LOT
Maybe it's because he got older now plus he's a daddy with two daughters :)

I did followed his Twitter and subscribed his Youtube so basically I did listen to his recent latest tracks
And his recent projects are really REALLY FOCUS on his guitar skills, which is really awesome
I mean before this, one of the things people remembers him because of his outlook plus guitar skill
But right now he doesn't have to do that anymore, it's really, really awesome
And what awesome is, he collaborate stuffs, like how he plays his guitar is added some bass and shamisen
And his This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock is a mixture of Japanese traditional and pop culture

OK END OF "INTRO"!! (intro only......?!!!)


Ok... 7/25 concert, 7/23 opening ceremony for Tokyo Street anniversary, 7/24 fan meet and greet...!!!
When I know the news, I watch his videos and songs again and again, everyday
Kept spamming facebook with his videos, kept thinking whether this is real or not...
The song and video that I'm addicted during the await before the days come

Awesomeness... not just because he can perform a one-man-show
It's also because he changed how the song original sound like ♥
Watch and listen to it everyday, listen to his songs everyday
Especially his latest album "What's My Name?"

Ok I think I just skip and just jump to the awesome 3 days, THREE, days
Here it goes!!

The days before DAY 1, watched his Youtube live stream in Tokyo, awesome...
The day before DAY 1 ,waited for him to tweet about on the way coming here
Tweeted, got nervous and can barely sleep
And keep hoping I can go to the airport to... stalk... him...
Lol jk..... :(


DAY 1 - 23 July 2012 - Opening ceremony

Woke up, checked twitter, he's here, in Malaysia already, MALAYSIA
......felt pretty bad actually 'cause I was in the middle of rushing a few assignments
Will blog about it next time

Ok!! Around 5pm meet my sis at her office, and off we go, to PAVILION!
Had dinner, expensive spaghetti at FishMarket... after that terus head to the centre court
Waiting, waiting, and waiting... start waiting before 7pm...
It's really crazy and unbelievable that we're going to see him in person
Not through a freakin machine, a real.life.person
Sooner or later Ting arrived, later my sis' friend Reiko's here too
Waiting, kept looking around to spot him, still waiting...
Ok, VIPs appeared, VIP speeches........Where's Miyavi....??
Later Reiko suddenly called us and what a great news, we can go in to the sealed space!!
(btw the centre court was blocked, VIPs and media etc only, so we stood outside the area)
We were like O__O?!! And rushed in to the area with stupid bright smile lol
And looking around again.... where is he...?!
Suddenly fans started to scream, we were like where?? Kept looking around... WHERE?!!
Suddenly.... ....................O_____________O

......he...is...just... near..... INFRONT OF US!!!? SO TALL and fair and slim!!
Me, my sis, Ting and Reiko started to squeak, I mean not very loud, but I think he can hear us...
I only know that I kept holding my camera and kept combo snapping his back....
And suddenly....


哎呀衰jor zzz the girl blocked the EPIC THING that just happened!!!!
This photo... this photo.....!! Do you know what happened???
While I'm taking his photos and my sis them squeak (plus fans screaming)
He suddenly turned around, saw us, and SMILED!!!!
We were like O________O OMG!!!!!!!!! 被电死啊!!!!!
It's so.so.so.freaking.SHOCKED!!!!!
Felt pretty bad at the same time 'cause my camera was shooting right at his face!!!
Anyway, we kena sot kept gila I don't even know how to express the feeling
But we're still under control... jangau risau....

After that it's time for him to go on stage!
It's so hard to get a perfect space to stand plus I wanna record his performance!!
But we still got a nice place... hehehehe... :B
He speaks... speaks in fluent English, like very fluent
Even tho some pronunciation is not really correct but still!! More fluent than me!! OTL
And perform....

1:45 lol cute :x **videos are not from me

Holy.... holy....... I really can't say anything...
I can't believe that I'm watching him right at that moment
He's just right infront of me, performing...his voice and guitar... his hand and fingers....!!!
It's real... it's Miyavi, standing infront of us....!!
So fair and pretty.. and tall.. and slim.. awesome guitar skill... he is..... PERFECT!!!! 三D%

He performed two songs, "What's My Name?" and "Strong"
I only recorded the first only 'cause I wanna enjoy the show!!

After he finished performing, a little bit of speech and talk about the following events
And take photos with VIPs...

Ohhhhhh I manage to snap this! Without his sunglasses *O*
It's so funny 'cause when he took off his sunglasses (which only last for a second)
Everyone just starts to scream 'cause he didnt take the sunglasses off!

taken from Pavilion's Facebook *LIKE*

And so after taking photos, he left :(
And I've recorded when he left.. :(.... :) :(

“满载而归”~~ lol

And back home, rush assignment until I think around 4am and woke up at 7am for class....OTL

DAY 2 - 24 July 2012 - Fan Meet and Greet

After class again... rush to meet my sis again, reached there and blah...
Waiting the time to pass... looking around...
Suddenly... wait... a group of men in black at the opposite side...!!! MIYAVI IS IN THERE!!
Then suddenly the fangirls started to scream and I quickly take out my camera to record
Then he went away... :( Wait again....
Another time he passed by again, heading for dinner I think?


He's here... *snaps snaps snaps eventho i zoom to the max still very small.. this is cropped btw*
later I'm going to let him sign the album and shake his hand... WHAAAT????

When it's my turn, super nervous la.....
Just told him I'm very happy and glad that he came to Malaysia and thanked him
Then while he was signing *stun*...(LOL)
Then I said I started following him since his debut (FAILED WRONG!!)
He asked which one? I said Miyavizm (FAILED!! That's not his debut!!!)
So fail la... later he think "wtf this person simply say my debut was Miyavizm..."
Oh no... 昨天相机对着他已经不好了啦,这次还讲错东西
不好的影像了!!! Nooooo!!!

After the autograph and hand shake (WHICH I've forgotten how it was 'cause I was too nervous!!!)
We just stayed there... watching....

Someone brought their guitars to let him sign....
.....I should have bring mine tooo..... T____________T

Wooots without sunglasses again!! Screenshots from my recorded video! >.<

Hello... lololol random pic of mine with the album :x

After that when he leave, everyone rushed and chased him!!
I was like what?? What should I do now??!!
I've never been to this kind of event before, what should I do?!!!
I heard my sis called me, but where the f is she?!?!
Aiya chase saja la! But I don't dare to chase till very close >.<
After that he left, and I saw my sis
We we're like, should we rush downstairs....? ........追就追啦!!! LOL!!
It's so gan jiong and I bet we look freakin stupid rushing down the escalators!!
Went outside the main entrance, ok... so where's everyone? They left already? Ok...
Just when we were about to leave, suddenly....!!!
OMG They just reached the main entrance!!! He's there!!!!
There's only me and my sis at the moment... what should we do...?!!
Again I took out my cam to record... x__X
He saw us, and we said hi and wave awkwardly... LOL And he waved back!
Then my sis shouted thank you Miyavi, and I shouted thanks!
And then he left..... AHHHHH!!!!!
No more....:( :))))))

又再满载而归 :)

Back home... bath go to friend's house do assignment until around 2am... back home... sleep....

DAY 3 - 25 July 2012 - THE DAY....!!!

Left my friends to do the assignments and I go to the concert...
Can't feel the excitement before the concert 'cause no energy to think, lack of sleep..

The queue.... @THE STAGE

Forgotten to bring more money to buy merchandise...
Bought a t shirt and a towel... It is of course expensive, but we never bought REAL merchandise before...!!
if I bring more money than we can buy the white t shirt as well...
Bodoh... but good la... control my money....

8pm+++ I think around or after 8:30pm?
Walked into the venue, starting to feel the vibe and excitement...
It's here.... we're going to see him just in a few minutes....!!
I'll just skip the opening acts (sorry :x)

The fangirls kept screaming even though it's not Miyavi that came out from backstage (lights are off)

And HE'S HERE!!! We were like OMG NO SUNGLASSES!! (LOL)
WATCH the opening performance video!!!!

I tell you, he kept 电 and seducing the audience!! From the beginning till the end!!
Even my friend who is a guy(straight) kept saying “哇被电死了啊!!”
Especially 4:03~4:08!! Our spot is just over theeeere!!! X____X
He looks so pretty and looks so good and his guitar skill and his eyes....!!! His expression so "艳"(?)!!
And how he moves, his plays, his poses.... it's Miyavi for reaaaallll!!!!

感情丰富到... 投入到不懂怎样讲....

A-HA!! ♥


Drummer - Motokatsu from THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS / Rally / ACE OF SPADES
(Which is connected to HISASHI and GLAY >.<)

He even performed some old tracks!! Like Selfish Love and We Love You ♥
What a Wonderful World (video starts at 1:36, this is encore btw) !

The final song.... awesome shit...
3:31 he took off his clothes!! Lololol but his body is like a piece of art 'cause it's covered with tattoos
Not those dragon or what tattoos (=.=), it's all calligraphy!
6:50 epic, those ppl really pk, he told them not to film and start headbang but they continue to film zzz
9:27~9:40 also! Kena air!! lololol
.....10:06 "I promise I'll be back soon, ok? Let's rock out and be strong together, ok?"
And no more....

.........came out from the venue, and freakin tired
Lack of sleep and jump + wave hand until felt like cramping and I had to stop 'cause no more energy..

Back home, bath, put on my new MYV t shirt to motivate myself
And head to my friend's house continue to battle, until i think 7am++...


It's been a week for now, and I still can't believe I met him in person
Still can't believe I talked to him, shook hands with him, and watched him perform...
His vocals are so good, better than I thought, so freakin powerful LIVE!! Different from younger days!!
Well eventho his doesn't have the perfect best vocal, the way he present his songs are full of emotions
And not to forget, his charisma and showmanship, and guitar play...
Even if you don't know him, you won't regret it if you go to his concert and watch him play...

And on Sunday his pre-recorded interview on FlyFM was aired... *___*

And local newspaper.... Sinchew.... *_*

Looking all his old videos in youtube, felt so so so weird
1. I.actually.met.him.in.person!!!
2. He...looks so different, looks so mature now!
I tell you, if he still have those piercings and hairstyles, when he do those expressions, it's nothing
The whole look is just a bad boy jumping around and doing his thing, still seducing but it's "acting", naturally
But now his hairstyle...!! He looks so mature and everything he do is like REALLY seducing the audience!!
I mean, the face is still the same, i tried covering his hair when I watch his videos, it's the saaame
Conclusion: HAIRSTYLES really matters! (lol tulis report ke? -_-)

Anyway, it's still so weird.... it's really a dream i tell you....
I remember how happy me and sis were when Pavilion just launch Tokyo Street and we get to hear Japanese songs at the main entrance...
I've never expected huge Japanese artistes would come to Malaysia
(well you know.. now it's all about Korean stuffs...)
Well I know there are some bands came like LOUDNESS(pretty famous but not mainstream), MONO and Lite (both post-rock bands, not mainstream, small gigs again)
Never, ever, expect to see mainstream Japanese artistes... NEVER
Even if I did hope that GLAY or X JAPAN would come, it's just HOPING
I'm planning to go see them all in Japan...
And suddenly this news came, Miyavi came... which is like....

I love music, but even if I said this, I'm very VERY BIAS
I choose music with "music instruments" first (guitar, bass, drums, piano/keyboard)
I choose rock and ballads first compared to dance electro or rap
I choose music before the millennium compared to music nowadays (mainstream english/chinese pop)
Where every genre is still at it's own genre and sounded good
Now they all mixed up, some are still good, but most of them sounded the same and pretty weird
(IN MY OPINION, just my opinion)

I was born listening to both English and Chinese music
But more into English music, later when I know GLAY, I barely listen to any other language music
I love Japanese music, whenever I heard chinese or korean music, i'll just go "blah.."
(right now I'm trying my best to accept some of them to improve myself btw...)
Eventho I said I love Japanese music, I only follow those few bands or artistes
Like those visual kei band, I'll go "man.. they sounded the same"
But I still prefer to listen to their music compared to other language music
Bias? I think I am.

I don't know... i just love their language (lol research for arts and design..?!! =__=)
But seriously, their language is very beautiful, their lyrics
I mean, it is simple yet complicated and beautiful and meaningful all at the same time
And their music and lyrics motivates me a lot, A LOT
That is why I love GLAY, that is why I love MATCHBOX20 (wait.. they're american, not japanese lol)
That s why I love ONE OK ROCK, that is why I love X JAPAN etc etc etc
And that is why I love Miyavi
All their lyrics are encouraging people to keep on living, be yourself, don't give up etc
With simple yet beautiful meaningful lyrics *_*

"If you lost your way, just ask somebody
If you lost your dream, just close your eyes again
And some day you will blossom again, with your hands wide spread to the sun..."
Lyric from Sakihokoru Hanano Yoni -Neo Visualizm-

.....eventho I'm not exactly on the music side (which I really hope to be there...) and still lack of knowledge on it, in terms of genres, artistes, music skills etc etc
Eventho I'm a fangirl (hey, I'm a very VERY normal fangirl, I didn't screamed like crazy and 失仪态 lo lol)
I follow artistes and bands I love, I collect their music records
It IS the things that keeps me continue to live, like seriously... if it wasn't them, why am I still here....? I have no idea...
All I'm doing right now is to find a good stable job in the future, and when I've got the money, I'll just go to Japan straight away to see their concerts and buy their related goods and collectibles...
If, IF i have a band, I'll go to Japan with my band.... and maybe we'll get to know my idols etc
Other than these.... I really don't know what to do
Well taking care of my parents is a must of course, and.... marriage....?
No... even if I did think of marriage, it is not a MUST for me... (自私.... =_=)
Other than these.... well recently I've been thinking of creating my own label...
Ughh I don't know.....!! I just want to see live performances all day everyday!!

Really enjoyed watching live performances, enjoyed watching the performers doing the thing they love
Entertaining and motivating the audience, making them happy, isn't that good?

While watching Miyavi, it felt really good...
Not just because of I saw him in person, you can see how fun he had when he's performing
Enjoying what he loves to do, performing and creating music, encouraging people...
How he delivers the message, his expression.... it's freakin awesome....

Start watching him for years.. around 7 years... can't believe he came here...!!
.....can't wait for him to come back to Malaysia!

And guess what? GLAY just released a news, I mean 7 news
They're going to release two new singles, two new albums.... BO LUI LAAA
And... and..... WORLD TOUR NEXT YEAR...........
Am.not.very.happy...... you know why?
Because I'm scared that when I'm going to go to Liverpool next year, they come here.... -_______-
Really fuuu if like that...
Am hoping that they will come here before I go to Liverpool OR after I came back
OR go to somewhere near Liverpool when I'm there... lol


Ok I think I'm done syok sendiri here
Been spamming my Twitter with tweets and spamming my Facebook with Miyavi's videos
'cause I can't express and share this feeling outside with my friends 'cause you guys don't know him and don't know how big it is
Plus if I keep talking about it I will kena belasah 'cause everyone is rushing assignments....||||

Ok I think I'm really done now
Used few days to complete this entry -_-

Thank you very much if you saw THIS sentence
It means you actually read this whole entry from the top to the end
OR you just skipped everything terus see the ending. lol
But it's ok if no one reads this, it's just a record so that next time I can read and syok sendiri again :x


Next post..... will talk about college life....... fu.
Or mayb Miyavi's songs.... lol.



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