Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just to say, I'm still alive.

Just as the title said.

Regret to get a part time job which has low pay, but that's not the point
The point is it's already killing me in the first week
But if there's more pay, maybe I'll be satisfy

Regret to get a part time job which I didn't think trice at that time
It's killing me and I can barely focus on my studies
Sorry to my family and friends, I'm trying my best

I thought it was the skin under my foot pilling off
Now I just noticed it was a small piece of masking tape

10 weeks to go till the end of this semester, so far yet so close
If only the college system were just like pri/secondary school
I can still go through the next stage even though I failed
But that's not a good thing of course, or else what's the point of college then?

Still, gonna keep holding on...

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