Thursday, June 14, 2012


Seems like I'm starting to use to rushing here and there now...?
But what's more rushing and not feeling good is the time to go home

Keep looking at the time, speed walk to the car, keep speeding in the night
Blur until your accidently pressed the horn while turning your steering wheel
Or maybe increased the speed instead of stepping the car break while turning to the side
Reached parking lot, switch off the engine and take all things out, off the car, in speed
Run to press the lift, run to doorstep after reached the floor
Tries to open the gate but your keys keep slipping off your hands
Quickly close and lock the door after entered the house
And sits beside the king and queen of your house, just hoping they won't get mad
But this is useless, 'cause you've passed the time limit and they'll definitely be worry


The only thing I can do now, maintain my studies, that's it
There's no questioning myself whether I can or cannot
It's a MUST.

“适合”... 有什么才适合我?

但其他的... 我正在慢慢让他们摆脱这个想法...
First step,maintain my CGPA.


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