Thursday, April 5, 2012


I can't believe one of my relative, under my family tree
Someone would do such a brainless shit

Come to think about it, I don't even know if all the media is a good thing
Well basically everything has it's good and bad... but seriously
Movies or dramas, news, internet etc
Even though most of the people would support all the protagonists
But there will be also some that supports the antagonists
And then they just do what the antagonists would do... something like that
Or any negative stuffs, robbery, stealing, kidnapping, killing, suicide etc
If they're not exposed to these stuffs, will they still do it?
Or is it just their own expression or whatever?

What we see in the movies or dramas are just the same with what we see in the news
Maybe it also happen just around you, and some of it somehow also happened around me
But at least what had just happened is not in my family, as in my parents plus my sis and I

And so glad that I'm born in this family, even though it is strict
(well duh... it would be weird if my mum is not strict)
It's a good strict and I'm used to it already

And I'm very glad that when my dad got this news
It wasn't about my grandma (pheww)
Long live grandma!

It's a sad thing that we can't tell her tho, it's all for her good...


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KaedE said...

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