Tuesday, April 10, 2012

11+11 lapsap

Lol kena tagged by Podoki
Good thing you tag me 'cause I'm freakin bored Zzz

*No need to read this post if you don't want to, just another boring post*

*Post 11 random facts about yourself
*Answer 11 questions that the tagger asked
*Tag another 11 and ask them 11 questions that they are supposed to answer
*Inform them that you have tagged them

.......basically there's only a few people I can tag but they don't blog a lot
So.. yea... Let's start *yawn*


11 Boring Random Facts About Me (which I think most of it I've mentioned many time here..) :

1. I'm the tallest girl among my girl friends.
I know 170cm is not consider VERY tall, even though sometimes I do tease some of my friends short, but still... I don't like the gap among my friends :( And I don't get to play in those playground.. kena halau... (LCW.... i beh song u...)

2. I love guitars, but the very first instrument that I like is actually harp.
If I'm rich in the future I'll buy one and put it in my future music room the living room HAHA! IF LA.

3. My favourite band is GLAY.
They are the one that brought me into Japanese music(and thanks to my sis). The band that changed my life...? HAHAH wtf. No, seriously, they are the one that made me love guitars and made me wanting to have a band.
Well basically before this I've been a fan of Faye Wong, but then changed to Britney Spears, *NSYNC, M2M, Linkin Park etc. Then my sis' friends intro GLAY to her and so I started listen to them. Since then I barely listen to Chinese songs, even now I also barely listen to those mainstream musics, 'cause it's not what I like. Even though I did love some other few band in between like X JAPAN, chatmonchy, ONE OK ROCK etc, GLAY is still the best :)

4. I have two major phobias, butterflies and paper cut, which somehow also lead me for be afraid to some other things too.

5. I would spend my money on buying music collections or guitar stuffs rather than other things. I wanna have a rack of music collection in the future, like my dad's :3

6. I don't have a good temper.
It's more obvious when I was younger, but I did tried changing it. Easily angry, easily get pissed, but I'm always holding it 'cause I know there're all useless small matters. ._.

7. I love my sis, I love my family :3

8. I don't know how to swim. I don't do sports. But I use to go badminton or tennis or bowling with my family when I was young, primary school... =\

9. I love cakes, pastries, chocolate milk, milk, desserts... which doesn't suit how I look I guess..? zzz...
I just get excited whenever I see cakes and pastries, they're so pretty.. LOL. But NO, not the ones with fruits... I'm not obsessed with chocolate(as in just chocolate), but yes to chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate muffin, chocolate beverage etc... Cakes with lots of cream... *drools*
Mayonnaise and cheese(melted) too ♥
Basically all those small treats that makes you fat I'll like it... *stares* .....OTL

10. I'm not talkative, not a social person, not good in communicating, just a boring person.
I can type and write a lot of shit, but I just can't speak a lot like how I write. I can laugh like shit or be crazy and fool around, I can be quiet and just don't speak the whole day, don't feel like talking and ignoring everything. Two-face? Split personality? Call it what you want.
I know I'm a boring person so sometimes I just keep quiet and make people ignore me...? *poker face*
Sorry la I'm not good at communicating with people... oTL

11. I like both cool and cute stuffs.
From Rilakkuma to X JAPAN, from cute pastries crafts to electric guitars, Loli dresses(no I don't own any and I don't wear them plus it's freakin expensive) to boyish guy's outfit etc. Err... whatever. *yawn*

I've actually typed a lot of shit that somehow it seems that they're not "facts" at all I guess? -_-"


♥1. What is your favourite colour and why?
- Blue? Or in between blue and green... No, green is not my fav colour even tho I had quite lots of stuffs that is green, it's just.. make myself remembering my memories when I was in drama club... :( But I do love the combination of green and white :3

♥2. Who inspires you the most in fashion?
I would like to say Kimura Kaela, but she's quite colourful and a bit weird, I only have colourful short socks. Lol.
I just wear what I'm comfortable in, which is very common, tshirt and shorts/knee length pants. Guys tshirts.. loose tshirts... loose pants...
I don't spend on fashion.. Maybe in the future? I guess?

♥3. What is one dream that you wish that you can achieve but you can't?
Hair stylist. Guitarist. I can't choose between them 'cause both of them are my very first dream that I seriously want (thanks to GLAY).
Err.. err.. I think I'll go for hair stylist 'cause the other one I'm still chasing it.

♥4. What do you think about the fashion in your country?
Err.. some are really nice, some are over doing it until they look very awful.
I know some is pretty, but.. in a country with this weather...? Seriously...? I don't know how they can stand it with all the sweat that ruins what they put on x_x"

♥5. If you could choose any hair colour to born with, what colour do you wish to have?
Err I don't know...black is fine I guess...? 'cause I can keep changing my hair colour with hair dye whenever I feel like.. dunno how to answer this la swt

♥6. What is the most favourite and least favourite body/face feature of you, why?
Favourite - feature? none. (不知足?! lol)
Least favourite - nose 'cause it's quite huge, but no.. no plastic surgery for me.. so troublesome.

♥7. Do you satisfy with your body shape? Why?
No 'cause I'm fat, it's just not obvious because I'm tall. If I were short... mampus.
Before/at the beginning of my puberty I was still consider skinny and I'm one of those who keeps saying they wanna be fatter or meat..ter..(?). I don't get fat easily even though I ate a lot, the only thing that was affected after I eat a lot is just my height growing taller. (What?)
Yes.. I didn't play basketball or high jump or jump, I don't do sports. My height is like this because of eating. -_-"
After sooner I started to gain some fat, been saying I wanna loose weight or exercise, but.. laziness... OTL
So kids... never say you want more fat, or else you'll regret it once you've got the fat...

♥8. What is the most precious thing that you can't live without? Why?
My sister, my family. Reason? She's my best friend, their my parents. That's it.

♥9. What is the dumbest thing you have ever done?
If you mean dumb as in silly funny things, there's too many la...
But if you mean dumb decisions, serious issue, I've somehow broke two person's friendship bond, because of only believing one side of the story and claim that the other side was a lie, total rubbish.
Regret? Definitely. A lesson to make myself avoid to happen again.

♥10. If you could date anyone, real or fictional, who would you choose?

♥11. If you could choose any eye colour to born with, what colour do you wish to have?
Grayish blue/green.


OK DONE!!! I already try my best not to write too much rubbish
Already remove and deleted A LOT but still... DX

OK MY QUESTIONS!!! 就来用华语啦!
1. 你的偶像(歌手/乐团音乐人/)是谁?=X
2. 你对自己的生活满意吗?
3. 你觉得自己选对course来读和进对学院吗?
4. 有崇拜身边任何谁吗?
5. 梦想是什么?大小的梦想,欠打的正经的都可以
6. 喜欢吃什么?
7. 喜欢什么乐器?
8. 喜欢花钱花在什么东西上?
9. 艺术对你来说能找吃吗?一定要商业化吗?
10. 家人对你来说是什么定义?
11. 朋友又是什么定义?


1. 婷
2. vonne
3. Daiji
4. LLJ
5. LCW

谁要玩就玩,不要的就不要,勉强是没有幸福的... (wtf?)
不过除了1和2的两条水一定要玩~~~ =X


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