Saturday, March 31, 2012

evolution? -_-"

rubbish post, again.

Got bored and "compiling" hairstyles that I've got
Kindergarten/primary school, secondary school, college, until now
The shortest I've got was during secondary school, cut it myself too ♥
And the longest... well, the previous one before I cut it last month

Always wanted to had long hair when I was a kid, when I was still a girl (what..?)
I mean, when I was still very girly and loves girly stuffs
Since secondary school, found out that it's so troublesome until I kept cutting it
Didn't get to grow my hair long at all
Finally few years ago I hold myself to grow it long
And finally, I get to chop it off, awesome :B

Looking back at my own pic with long hair... felt so weird 'cause it's a bit girlish...?
Still love and prefer short hair.. neutral is GOOOOD.

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