Sunday, March 18, 2012


Finally had time to spend with them <3

Finally had an outing with the two of them
Just spent our time together buying some craft stuffs, doing crafts at my place
Lunch and dinner together, and finally we took purikura after 2~3 years
Had been waiting for this for a looooooong time!
(but these two purikura machine so disgusting, it will enlarge our eyes and put fake makeup on us zzz)
Just a simple yet happy and funny day with them :3
(PANOZ ah.. when is our turn to take purikura again ah deng...)

Family day <3
Barely had the chance to go out or sit together to have lunch or dinner together
Since my grandma went into the hospital and discharged from the hospital
Everyday my dad has to go take care of my grandma, and now I barely have time too due to this internship
And today I went jogging with my parents, after that we all went to the hot air balloon fest
But... wrong timing, so in the end we just went home without seeing the hot air balloons
But that's ok 'cause we had a simple great day together <3

It's been a long time I didn't use my dslr
Photography skill didn't improve at all, wanted to snap candid pictures and crowd etc
But all sucks! Angle sucks, whole thing sucks!
But then I just love to snap those kids' photos (not a pedo la... -_-")
'cause they're just so natural, always looks nice in candid shots
(like the one above I took just now ♥ but cropped la this pic)
Posted in my photo blog with another few photos ♥

Great weekend
And back to work tomorrow... D':

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