Tuesday, February 14, 2012


No video calls more than 2 person in Skype anymore...
Downloaded oovoo video call
And we just on the video call for like around 4 hours? Lol
And that's how we go to "the" Valentine's Day

The very first "meeting" since the "break up"
And it was still the same like before, it didn't change
Did nothing much, but somehow we still laughed like crazy
Especially when the three of us never had conversation for a long time

It's pretty hard to gather out, the three of us
I mean, eventho the place we stay are quite near/use to be near?
But now we have our own schedules
Her - going to stay in Damansara, consider permanently due to studies
Her - studies, rushing assignments
Me - internship, having shooting this week, maybe next week too, and another week...

But anyhow, at least we're back in the game :)
And this is the very first time I "celebrate" or actually spend my Valentine's Day. Lol.

Somehow I felt a bit emo right now, tiring
Even tho I'm not fully "grown up" till like 30 or 40
But I'm already tired of living.. Wait.. that doesn't sound right...
What I mean is, tired of growing up and you know, gotta step outside the society
Facing the real world and stuffs, shits like that
Well I still haven't actually step into the "real world", just started a sip...

Wait, no no.. I'm not saying that I'm not fine right now
People who work in where I'm having my internship right now are very nice
It's a really fine place, but I don't know whether I actually fit in this well or what
Being blur and sorta being a coward... no confidence... talks like shit not fluently...
Ughh gotta train myself..!

If only I'm someone that doesn't think a lot and doesn't cares a lot
I'll be playing my guitar everyday or maybe painting all day long
Or lying on the bed doing nothing
If only we won't get starving or thirsty, 'cause thinking what to eat is also tiring
And it is also tiring to eat.....
Wait, that's sounds freakin' lazy...!

Tired of myself for thinking or worrying so much useless shit for no reason
I'm still not 21 yet, still haven't finish my studies yet
I wonder when will I stop thinking shits so much before my head explodes wtf.


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