Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"reunion"? :)

It's been two or three years...?

Referring to our purikuras, the very last time I think it is 29/9/2009
And then it just stopped...

If you've been following my blog OR you really know me since secondary school
You'll know that I "use to" have two best friends, which they were not friends anymore..
"WERE" NOT, that is :)

One is a friend I know since primary school standard one
Best friends during standard two and standard four when we were in the same class
The other one is since standard six but only become friends since secondary school form 2
Three of us became best friends since form 4 until form 5
Especially when three of us were in Drama Club and also in the same class
There were arguments and back together again and arguments again and together and blablabla..
Until around 2010? Both of them 反面 because of some random prob....

Until now... last night 7th February 2012, "miracle" happened (lol?)
And now the three of us are back in the game :)

不过平时都没跟谁讲啦... 最多是跟姐姐讲
至于她们两条水,都是知道我重视她们的啦.. (ohoh! =X)

(多谢我一直搞emo吗? =X 还有crafts♥)

两条重朋友的粉肠,终于和好了 ♥
‎*拥抱 + 飙泪 + 太阳阳光照着 + 然后我们一起望向夕阳微笑*
戏剧化到~~~ 是因为都是戏剧组出来的关系还是anime/cartoon还是什么? -_-|||



이본 said...

hahahahahh!!! 38! <3
Super funny when I saw this..
'一起重出江湖再次癫!' hahahhahahahah

KaedE said...

oi i ngam ngam post only wor? why so fast reply?!!

이본 said...

cuz i ngam ngam feel like reading blgos lor.. then i saw this post liao lor.. :)

Jace said...

*感动* 哭了

KaedE said...

Podoki圈外人不准哭! XD

貓與太陽 said...