Monday, January 30, 2012


Went out with Yvonne few days ago and I bought these at Kinokuniya
Three stuffs - decora thingy tutorial book which comes with a fake macaroon+whipped cream
- a scrapbook idea book - a pretty expensive thick note book (wtf)
Now I've just got 1 voucher left...!

First day, not much to do and I didn't bring my laptop but good thing I brought a sketchbook
So all I can do is draw and Facebook, Path, and imessage on my iPod
(all thanks to the bestest best sohi sister in the whole wide world who sponsored me this C%)
Not use to draw these kind of style, the very first time was for creative & critical thinking's assignment
Then I didn't really draw these anymore, just draw some random cacat characters
First time bring along a sketchbook and draw random stuffs
To develop idea... alamak... why do I feel a bit old...
I guess I'll do this for this internship days, draw a conclusion of the day/what I did? :D
I did draw a "conclusion" of stuffs I did but it's not in the pic tho

Few months left and I'll be a year older.... Noooooo!


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Ish.. i feel like buying that book about scrap book geh...