Wednesday, December 28, 2011

RX-72 vs RS-72

First of all, RX-72 is a Japanese program show by my beloved GLAY's guitarist HISASHI with another guy Mogi.. And this is how their DVD cover look like

Last night me and my sis went to AU2 Jusco to search for clothes
And just as usual I'll go to the men's department to search for tshirts (prefer guys tshirts~)
Searching searching... and I found this

This random brand copied their DVD cover and made it into a tshirt print design wtf!!
I was so shocked and angry when I saw this!! R"S"-72??? And what's with the random sentence??
And put GLAY's previous live tour's title "Rock Around the World 2010-2011" wth
So freakin pissed!!
But then after thinking for awhile, I don't even know either I should be angry or happy
I mean, it's very angry that they copied, but it's so random and rare to see anything related to GLAY!
Even if it is just a copy of the design.. it is still....!!

In the end I bought the tshirt wtf! *COUGH COUGH COUGH*

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