Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oh my hisa.. The only short guy that looks girlish that I love *__* *stares*

I just wish I was as short as him = 168cm = below 170cm
Being a girl taller than a usual girl's height is just so.. ugh
I mean, if you're tall and you love elegant stuffs instead of childish stuffs, that looks fine
But if you're tall and you love childish or cute stuffs, people might think it's a bit awkward
Which is what's on me.. who would expect a person like me with this height and this look actually loves cute and childish kids stuffs more compared to people around me instead?
If you're short, you can be either cool or cute, which both look fine
Just like the advantage of being a girl, you can wear either pants or skirt, it's fine
But if you're a guy, if you wear a skirt people might think you're gay or crazy (that's not fair..)

It's not a bad thing being slightly taller, you can reach and grab those things at higher places
You can see things without people blocking your view etc
But.. accidently hit your head or leg, randomly stood out between your friends
Or mistaken as the elder daughter when you are the youngest in the family, it does not feel good
Or being mistaken as a guy from back view which really did happened last time I still work in the CD shop.. Do I have to dress up girlish or wear a dress to make sure those ppl won't mistaken? FUCK LA!!

莫名奇妙越写越气??? -_-"

Well if being tall among your friends, fine, that's fine...
But being the second tallest in the family when you're the youngest
Being the tallest girl among the relatives when you're one of the young ones
That doesn't feel good.. I'm suppose to be the one being pampered
(wait.. no.. my sis buys a lot of stuffs for me so that's ok :B)
But still going out with my sis people might think we're some lesbos (no offence) 'cause we hold hands and walk around and we don't really look like sisters
And I had to force myself to be more mature and stuffs.. thoughts, not things I love
What's wrong with loving toys or miniature or plushes anyway?
It's really pretty ok??


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