Thursday, December 15, 2011


Gotta say the same thing again
I should have know earlier him before he's gone, but I was only 7 and I don't even know what I'll do after I found out the news
Good thing I only started listen to his songs and liking him 4 years ago, so that I won't be that sad like the other fans do
And he's looks, his age and his music will also remain there the same in our memories
But the only thing is we can't see him live, both his solo and with X JAPAN...
If he's still alive, he'll be 47.. but he will be forever 33...
It's a waste that he's talents just ended like this, but at least he won't get older and older...
Happy birthday to hide...

I'd always think of death, I'm afraid of it, or maybe hated it
Because of hide, and also my grandma's death few years ago, I think more about it
If you're old and you die, that's ok, but it's still too sudden
If you're young.. well that's shocking and wasted (unless you're just a piece of junk)
And I still don't get why do some people choose to suicide and end their lives like this
It is always a waste when a person dies early, 'cause you won't know how your future will be
It could be good or bad, but who knows things would get better? We will never know
There're so many ways so many paths to choose, but you only see the road to death
I mean, this world is so freakin' big, there's tons of things or places you never saw or been to
Why you want to end you life so soon?
I just don't get those people... Maybe because I have a good life?

No one has a perfect life, it all depends how you think
If you want to make yourself feel better, just looks at those people who has a worse life than you
Well that's a bit bad for pitying them, wait no that's not really pitying
It's just making yourself to feel lucky to have this life and just keep on going.

Ok... time to sleeeep!

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