Wednesday, November 23, 2011



不懂是因为上次打去有经验了,还是因为自己没有一直“背稿”想多多 ==

等了三个星期,痰也跟了我三个星期 what the firetruck!
(addicted to SMOSH againnn, it's been awhile! they are so freakin hilarious!)

Saw this little thing near the lab!
Already heard cat's sound when I'm walking down the stairs
but I didnt expect to be a little kitty!
So cuuuuute!! Black fluffy fur with blue eyes!
And I miss it very much.. should have bring it along with me... ;_;

Present from me for my sis ♥
Am very glad that both of us still loves plushies or toys, which nowadays those "grown up girls" don't even wanna look at them and said that it's childish and they only look at branded stuffs etc
Branded stuffs I'm only interested in cosmetics but the problem is I don't use them =w=

Branded stuffs...
I want Tokai Talbo guitars because of HISASHI... Fernandes because of hide... PRS guitars because of Orianthi.. Gibson because of TAKURO and PATA
I want a set of TAMA drum set and a KAWAI grand piano because of YOSHIKI
I want a KORG keyboard because of TAKURO
I want San-x Rilakkuma stuffs etc...
Oh yes.. branded stuffs... :) :(



Am feeling pretty emo today.. right now...
First, no one knows who the assistant class rep is (but there's nothing to do so just ignore it..)
Second, the cute little black kitty is not there anymore... I want that kitty....
Third, called twice today but the person in charge went for shooting...
Really hope that the person is there tomorrow... .___.

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