Monday, October 17, 2011


Two events happened on the same day
Between the premier screening and this live gig...
I choose you, live gig!
Eventho I've missed out some stuffs over there, I didn't regret

I wore.. skirt? Wahah.. longer than my knees of course
Or else I'll have to keep acting like some polite person -__-"

Been listening to Japanese music since I was 12
And this is the first time I attend a Japanese live gig (by local Japanese music lovers, that is)
Finally saw some of those band that I knew since like 4 years ago (especially DrakoZen!)!
3++pm~11++pm, half hour break, bread and choco milk for dinner, screw the hunger
Awesome shit, head bang till my head drop, jump till I... I.. grow taller... ........ (.__."
I think my hair flipped those people stand beside me, felt a bit sorry, but...
I can't help it! How can I not jump in a rock live gig and head bang during metal songs??
It's been awhile I never got so hype in a live! (the last time was.. Adam's live.. 1 year ago...)

A lot of L'Arc and Dir en Grey cover *sings* "Causes stain~ stay away~~"
Don't know much about Dir's songs, but it's nice to head bang.. heh..
Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Otsuka Ai, Fuwa fuwa time etc..
And Final Fantasy tribute... *o*

Epic ones are... SEPHIROTH's theme!!
(basically this is the only one I remember the most 'cause I'm not a gamer..)
And.... SATSUGAI!!! Everyone went CRAZY in this!! SATSUGAI DAAA!!! \(*O*)/
Oh, and during the break time they played hide's song~ SPEED FREAKS BABY ROCKET DIVE!!
Kept jumping around when I heard it! SYOK SENDIRI!! (can't control myself.. from.. growing taller... ._.")

This time I didn't bring cameras 'cause I just wanna have fun!
It's sooooo fun!! Want more.... (*___*)

But no one cover GLAY's song... sad... :(

They all looked so happy on the stage.. how nice... ;_;

happy day combo x 2, sushi bonanza during break time!
Me love nice food *jumps and drools* lol

Can't focus anything due to neck pain, due to head banging... *COUGH COUGH smiles* :)

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