Friday, September 9, 2011


Holiday, watching dramas all day...

- LIAR GAME (1 & 2 & Final Stage)
- 14才の母
- 小公女セイラ
- 月の恋人
- Love Shuffle
- Don Quixote
- 花より男子1
- He's Beautiful

- Hanamizuki

Because of LIAR GAME, now Matsuda Shota become one of the Japanese actors I like
So I watched 月の恋人, Love Shuffle, Don Quixote and 花より男子
"Unfortunately" I don't like those characters he acted in these dramas 'cause all feel like play boy -_-
But I like his acting in Don Quixote 'cause it's hilarious! And so is MatsuJun in HanaYoriDango!

Finally watched Hanamizuki, and the first epi of Hana Yori Dango(Ikuta Toma cameo)
Ikuta Toma is still ♥ *cough*

And also finally watched He's Beautiful, funny!
I like Jung Yong Hwa the most! Pity him.. lol
Before watching this drama I only know Jang Geun Suk and of course Lee Hong Ki :)
But the characters.. Kang Shin Woo.. Pity... ;(
In real life he's birthday and blood type is same with me, and he's tall too, very nice :)
But he loves SNSD, and that girl... oh so sad.. SAD... :(
Maybe I should change target to the bassist which is 187cm :)
but he's few months younger than me :( LOL wtf
The guitarist likes 2NE1.. nice :)
Eventho already know CN BLUE but now only search their stuffs
So outdated lol

Also search more about FTIsland, already them when their "I Hope" mv shown on tv
I still remember me and my sis were so glad to see that Krock bands exist and they look cute :)
But I didn't search more about them and that's the only song I know from them lol
Then few months ago I did search for their stuffs after watching their "legend" on 8tv
And they're hilarious and they're a bunch of narcissist LOL
Lee Hong Ki's vocal is very powerful and unique for his age and his hair is soft+straight and his eyes are pretty which every girl wants... *stares*
And he loves Park Bom! Yeah 2NE1 :) lol
Then two months they're Japanese pv "Let It Go" released and I liked it
'cause the video not just focus on the vocalist but also other members, and the music
Which I think they look more like a band, so I started liking them and the song 'cause it's very Japanese
....but now I watch their videos again, eventho I like their Japanese songs
I prefer their Korean songs, for them that is
'cause those Korean songs are written and composed by themselves
those Japanese songs weren't by themselves..
A band/musician who make their own music always wins
'cause this show whether they're worth to listen and their music reflects themselves
Well, this is what I think

Between these two poprock bands (I won't say that they're kpop 'cause they are not really pop only)
How to choose leh? Both of them are different
CN BLUE more into romantic type(i think?) and they're normal human beings
And prefer their music... i think..?
FTIsland is.. retarded.. HAHAH
But I like to see FTIsland's live performance 'cause Hong Ki puts so much soul in his performance
I love performance that makes the audience cry ;( (Like GLAY, and X :D)
So.. it's a tie! lol wtf

I just love to watch artiste doing covers by other artistes

The Calling cover, I prefer the original version, Alex Band ftw :)

Creep by Radiohead :O

Yeah 2NE1 :D

Park Bom cover~

What's Up by 4 Non Blondes! What's going on? XD

Far Away by Nickelback

I think I'll go for FTIsland? :)
Lol Hong Ki.. I'm like this in PANOZ.. :(

I don't know...!!
CN Blue's music is better! tie la tie la..

Now watching - Mary Stayed Out All Night
Jang Geun Suk hehe

Line up - Muscle Girl (Lee Hong Ki), Heartstrings (Jung Yong Hwa)

I think this is the first time I've written so much about Korean stuffs
Did written about Cherry Filter but got bored with their songs after awhile (sorry x_x)

Current young bands I like
ONE OK ROCK(yay) / FTIsland / CN BLUE / SCANDAL(so so)

I'm looking forward to see Korean female rock band to appear...
And real korean rock band to appear in mainstream...

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