Tuesday, August 9, 2011

エトセトラ x 努努ーゆめゆめー

Another band that I want to collect their music collections
Their music is so powerful expressive and emotional! Especially the vocalist!
And love their lyrics especially those that gives motivation like "Yume Yume", "(you Can Do) Everything", "Convincing", "Keep it Real" etc..
Love this song above (Et cetra), and Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer etc..
A lot of inspiration from American punk and alternative rock, but of course still contains Japanese rock :)

まずは俺らが先人切って 笑い飛ばしてやる! 飛ばしてやる!』
Dream's aren't just for dreaming, SO, they're for fulfilling, yeah?
So, a dream that you won't make happen isn't a dream at all!!
Regardless, if people still tell us "dreams are just dreams",
First we'll cut down our predecessors and laugh it all off! All of it!

Meaningful and motivational lyrics, good and full music arrangement
That is why I love Japanese music and music with instruments
(not electro techno etc beats, that is)

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