Monday, August 1, 2011

一瞬の塵 x カゲロウ

This week's song addiction...
一瞬の塵(Isshun no chiri) by Aqua Times / カゲロウ(Kagerou) by SCANDAL

Still prefer them singing cool songs, 'cause that's what I first like about them
But oh well.. becoming famous = more commercialized?
Anyway they are still cool

GLAY is still the best, HISA is still the best
No matter how old they grew, I will always love them
It's all about the love and music ♥

HISA's new profile pic at Twitter hehe
Only interested HISA and hide with heavy make up
Not interested with other Jrockers with make up =w=

Away from assignments ~_~
Lifetime = few hours only, it's gone..
'cause it's too thick, it's not fully dry yet
After I bathe, it become like shit.. T__T


HAPPY SWING 15th Anniversary SPECIAL LIVE ~We Love Happy Swing~
30th Jul, in MAKUHARI
---SET LIST---
1. 嫉妬
3. 笑顔の多い日ばかりじゃない
4. 生きてく強さ
5. 生きがい
6. いつか
7. Yes, Summer days
8. Savile Row ~サヴィルロウ3番地~
9. 一色
10. カナリヤ
12. Pure soul
13. つづれ織り ~so far and yet so close~
14. アイ
15. VERB
16. 彼女の “Modern…”
18. Satellite of love
20. Love so sweet
21. 南東風
22. またここであいましょう

一色...?! I wanna listen!!
And アイ~~~
And またここであいましょう, pure soul, 生きがい, 嫉妬, ROSY....
And their Arashi song cover... and other covers.. must be very nice!
ALL!! I wanna listen alllll!!! >____<

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