Sunday, August 28, 2011


Rebate 20% only.. still expensive..

Always wanted to buy Dummies books, two for RM50 owo

The best part of the book fest, cheap (old)cds... *drools*
Western cds RM9.90, Japanese RM7.90(not many tho)

Foo Fighters and P!NK~
Too bad don't have Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory! SAD!
I want to have that album, one of the best album! D:

LEAD and ARASHI (random lol)

GLAY Heavy Gauge and EXPO 2001(already have this but still.. hehe..)
Extremely shocked to see these =X)

w-inds. 1st Message, Prime of Life and ~bestrack~!
Eventho I don't love them anymore, but I used to be crazy about them
Don't have the money to buy their records, only got the ~bestrack~ album
Which is a surprise by my dad, but it was stolen together with my sis' discman during marching competition...
I hate that school... Rxjx Xbdxllxx.....!!
Anyway, so glad that I got it again! Too bad dun have their second album System of Alive.. D:

Other w-inds. stuffs~~

All these records total only RM107! So cheap!! *___*

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