Saturday, July 9, 2011


I don't care what shit you talk about, but you've stepped on my tail
You've talk shit about part of my family when you know no shit about it

You think they're happy standing there all day and night doing all these?
You think they're glad to work all day all night long in these nonsense?
You think they want to be angry or shout or use these kind of methods?
They're also human, they have family, they have feelings and emotions
(Yea the punching is kinda harsh but you're being like a crazy guy shouting like org gile)
They're just doing their job, to make sure things wont get more MORE serious
They're doing their job and yet you compare it with other cases?
Those cases, those people flee; this case, those people came forward
When you shout, you're right; When they shout, they're wrong?
They are human too!
Just try it when everyone ignore you when you trying to do something right
If you don't have the patience, of course you'll get mad
You think it's so freaking easy to be the leader?
Compare? Right...

You've got your home sweet home, you've got plenty of food
You can afford the cars, gadgets and other luxurious expenses
And yet you voice out saying that the price is too high
If you can't afford it, just don't buy it
Paying for useless things? Don't use it then

When you were young, your teachers teaches you and you can't really offend them
When you were a kid, you want to buy something but your parents refuse to buy

What the heck you mean by we are the boss and they're your staff workers?
We, are NOT the freaking boss, we're just audiences
Just like voting a movie for winning a movie award
The boss is still the one who is in charge the whole company
And behind the story there will be someone trying to snatch away the boss' property
Spreading shits all over the place, and people just believe it making things worse

Changes take time
A good change takes a long time, tough
Bad changes? Few seconds or minutes?
Smoking? Attitude? Addictions?
A person can be a smoker just in a flash, but to quit smoking?

I pity the children who were involved in this
Blame the grown ups who brought them to this

I don't get it, why run away?
If you have the guts to start involve in something, don't run
Just face it like you first decided to join
And I thought you can't sit down when you're marching?
What's with sitting down and rest?

You're already living a good life and you still want more
They've already gave you more, and you want MORE
And more, and more, and more, and MORE!
What else you want? Gain it by YOURSELVES won't cha?
Don't expect others to feed you

The environment is freaking dirty but they barely care about it
This? Whoa...

Peace? Is shouting and "chanting" around the public a peace?
It's freaking humiliating...
There's so many ways that we can show our unity
But why choose this?
Why won't they show their unity
I rather not wanting to "unite" if it has to go THIS way
It looks so ugly...


"Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them! "
Albert Einstein

Poor Pikachu and other fictional characters...


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