Monday, July 25, 2011


(HISAAAA CUUUUTE!! *printscreens and syok sendiri*)
I love the technology because of these
live streaming, so that I can see see my fav artist LIVE
social network twitter etc, so that I can follow my fav artist
skype or other similar apps on phone, so that I can skype with my sis (LOL)

But why... does it have to evolve so fast...?
Core 2 use to be the latest.. 2 years ago.. now?
i3~i9!! wtf!!
My pc is so freakin laggy and I still have 2years to go for my college life!
If wanna change to i3 or other i means have to change motherboard also

So glad that July is ending soon and I don't have to go to college or anywhere
'cause I'm broke due to FYP and subcribing CUTOUT magazine (LOL)
So these two months just have few bucks baki!! *DIE*

So many things I have to save for right now
Other then going to GLAY's live concert
(which now is not the most important for saving money ;__;)
iPod touch, an acoustic guitar, a zoom lens(EXPENSIVE LA WEI!!) and maybe also a flash..
All of these I have to own them before going to Liverpool...
And save money to buy things in Liverpool...
Still have to buy a laptop but my mum pay for that...

And now this Core 2 thing.. It's too laggy...
I wonder whether I can still use until I finish Advance Diploma
But.. but.. I bet there's more to use After Effects and 3Ds Max...

Less than a week left till we pass up everything!
But haven done! Wooooooo!


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