Wednesday, July 20, 2011

17th July 2011

It's a very sad day that day, 'cause a lot of people died today

Watched Harry Potter finally, Snape died, Lupin and his wife died, Fred died etc
(Alan Rickman for best actor!!)

They're all fictional characters, but not Taiji, X's ex-bassist...

We were just talking about him after the movie when we saw the LOUDNESS live in KL Live poster on the display window of Rock Corner
We said that if Taiji were still in LOUDNESS, maybe we have the chance to see him in person
Who knew, when I reached home and checked my mail, got an email from X Freaks forum
Stated that Taiji, is official dead...?

He is a really talented musician, his bass solos and guitar plays
Ex-bassist of X(X JAPAN), who is still remembered by the fans
One of the great bass player, my favourite bass player
(as in bass playing skill, JIRO can't stand a chance eventho JIRO is from my fav band)
I still do read his blog, and who would knew he would passed away

It's all because of the drugs, too painful to live with drugs..?
And he choose to... give up the war
RIP... he'll meet hide there...

X's ex-bass player, Sawada Taiji
A very talented musician, the second most good looking one in X(JAPAN)
(first good looking one is HEATH ~_~)(oh but he got old and fat) *cough*
Has passed away at age 45...

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