Saturday, July 30, 2011


New wallpaper hehehehehisahehe :3

And Happy GLAY Day 7/31!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Counting down...


LOUDNESS Live in KL graffiti!
(love this wall very much 'cause it's very nice and they will be "updating" for advertising stuffs!)
I don't really like their music 'cause it's pretty heavy (what about X? lol)
But if Taiji is still alive, I would attend this live, just to see Taiji
But he's... oh well :(

Music with the sound of guitars and drums is still my fav ♥

Monday, July 25, 2011


(HISAAAA CUUUUTE!! *printscreens and syok sendiri*)
I love the technology because of these
live streaming, so that I can see see my fav artist LIVE
social network twitter etc, so that I can follow my fav artist
skype or other similar apps on phone, so that I can skype with my sis (LOL)

But why... does it have to evolve so fast...?
Core 2 use to be the latest.. 2 years ago.. now?
i3~i9!! wtf!!
My pc is so freakin laggy and I still have 2years to go for my college life!
If wanna change to i3 or other i means have to change motherboard also

So glad that July is ending soon and I don't have to go to college or anywhere
'cause I'm broke due to FYP and subcribing CUTOUT magazine (LOL)
So these two months just have few bucks baki!! *DIE*

So many things I have to save for right now
Other then going to GLAY's live concert
(which now is not the most important for saving money ;__;)
iPod touch, an acoustic guitar, a zoom lens(EXPENSIVE LA WEI!!) and maybe also a flash..
All of these I have to own them before going to Liverpool...
And save money to buy things in Liverpool...
Still have to buy a laptop but my mum pay for that...

And now this Core 2 thing.. It's too laggy...
I wonder whether I can still use until I finish Advance Diploma
But.. but.. I bet there's more to use After Effects and 3Ds Max...

Less than a week left till we pass up everything!
But haven done! Wooooooo!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

17th July 2011

It's a very sad day that day, 'cause a lot of people died today

Watched Harry Potter finally, Snape died, Lupin and his wife died, Fred died etc
(Alan Rickman for best actor!!)

They're all fictional characters, but not Taiji, X's ex-bassist...

We were just talking about him after the movie when we saw the LOUDNESS live in KL Live poster on the display window of Rock Corner
We said that if Taiji were still in LOUDNESS, maybe we have the chance to see him in person
Who knew, when I reached home and checked my mail, got an email from X Freaks forum
Stated that Taiji, is official dead...?

He is a really talented musician, his bass solos and guitar plays
Ex-bassist of X(X JAPAN), who is still remembered by the fans
One of the great bass player, my favourite bass player
(as in bass playing skill, JIRO can't stand a chance eventho JIRO is from my fav band)
I still do read his blog, and who would knew he would passed away

It's all because of the drugs, too painful to live with drugs..?
And he choose to... give up the war
RIP... he'll meet hide there...

X's ex-bass player, Sawada Taiji
A very talented musician, the second most good looking one in X(JAPAN)
(first good looking one is HEATH ~_~)(oh but he got old and fat) *cough*
Has passed away at age 45...

Friday, July 15, 2011



I shouldn't have bought it last time since I've already missed it when it just released...

......they are trying to make us fans bankrupt... T_______T
can't buy it anyway 'cause I'm already broke...

phew good thing it's only on sale in Japan ~_~

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Disgusting. Lol (lol my toes)
Thumb to pinky:
random rubbish, グレイ(GLAY/GUREI), loversoul music & associates logo, plain, 尚(HISASHI :3)

loversoul music & associates logo again, but failed...

Eye.. I wonder when is my turn to wear specs? (NOOO!!!)

I.hate.RENDERING!!! Wasting time!

显咯现在才学人家玩lomo effect ==
HAHA =___=||||

HAHAH 无聊!写作文!

ヒサのあし.... *___*

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


一天出现接近(超过?)20次 看到都显....

Stop crashing please....! -____________-

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dream Ruined

If you want others to change, first you have to start from yourself
If you want something, you have to earn it yourself
Everything starts from yourselves, in the POSITIVE way
That is what I believe

I've never care much about these stuffs 'cause I hated it
Two major must-have things I hated, politics and religion stuffs
I've never wanted to involve in these things in this whole world
But this is just too much...

The things I hated the most here in this place
Music and art industry scene, racism and discrimination
(racism, I hate Chinese 'cause I see most the racist are Chinese
and all they see is money, and they discriminates art
this is what I see, place where I grew up in
and my family agrees that too)
That's all I can say, things I hated here
Crimes? Who are the ones that create those crimes?
There are crimes EVERYWHERE
You said that they're not doing their job?
I guess you've got no luck to meet the good guys
That is why you keep on having negative minds

I barely care about all of these, 'cause there're more country's situation are worse

They've set a lot of rules, fines, and other things
To avoid you from doing "bad" things, they've warned you
Did you listen?
Stop littering, stop burning rubbish and so on
And heck, this is not just for our own country
It is, for the WHOLE WORLD, for our mother earth
Stop speeding your car, or else they'll fine you
Stop parking at no-parking-spots, or else they'll fine you
If you speed, you might cause an accident
If you parked at those no parking places, you're blocking the whole road
Is that not thoughtful?
They've warn you, but you are the ones who doesn't care
Plus, you're the ones who started to give them some "tips"
Why blame them asking for more? You yourselves are asking for more too

To reach to THAT mission, of course it has to use up a lot of money
TECHNOLOGY needs a lot of them
Yet you said that it is wasting money
Then how are you gonna achieve that mission without using money?
You do know that now in this world if there's no money you can barely do anything
Right? Maybe not

You said that they're wasting money, they should give to those poor
What about you? Did you do it? Donate to the poor?
Those beggars around the alley and those who came while you're having your meal?
Most of you don't, yes, most of YOU (I'm not saying all of you)
I said this because me and my family would give them some tips
So what if you've been tricked? They're not what as you think
So? Did you do anything wrong? They are the ones who were wrong
You only care about losing money (and of course being tricked)
I'm not saying that I've never ignore them, I did, and I felt awfully bad
Now I will still ignore those who sells things with unreasonable price (you know which bunch)
Those, are the ones you should ignore
Well basically I also ignore those who sits beside the road
With disgusting wound or kurang upaya
Those are obviously the ones with vans and stuffs
Old people and kids, those without houses and food and clothes
Those are the on that need help
Did you give them a hand?

When I was a kid, when I was young
My mum slapped me just because I can't read properly
My dad used hanger or belt to hit us 'cause we're naughty(and it's just a very minor thing)
My babysitter dragged me out from the house and hit me just because I cried
Abusing? Not really, I'm actually glad that all these happened

What about THOSE? Abusing without reasons?
Are you beside them? What makes you so sure that it is really what you think?
Even if you're just right beside them, it doesn't make you know the truth
It's just between the two parties, not the third party
The third party will always make things WORSE

Since that's what you've learned from our "history"
You should be having expectations that all of these would happen
They asked you to leave, you don't want to leave
They'll just have to use the hard way
They've given you chance, but this is what you chose

Acting... Didn't you watched some of those movies and tv dramas
The antagonist will always act that they're the poorest of all?
Well I'm just saying, anyone can act
What makes you say that they acted, but you didn't?

And I don't understand why they care so much about the amount of people
Yea yea, there's a lot of people there, a lot of supporters... So?
It's not like it has covered the whole city or something
Plus, that is NOT the main point of this things, isn't it?

And who said that the newspapers tells the truth?
So all the entertainment rumors are all true?
No one said that it's all true or false
It's all up to you, whether to believe or not to believe
It's just a bit of updates to let you know
Now you've chosen to believe the internet, which has more MORE lies
Well, that's your choice, that's what you've chosen to believe
'cause it's your cup of coffee or tea, that's what you "expected"

"A picture tells thousands word"? ORLY?
I can shoot a picture of a bird staring at a worm, what can you think?
You might be thinking, the bird is watching it's food or something like that
But I can say that, the bird is waiting the worm to cross the road
I can also say, the bird is pity that the worm has to move so slow
I can also say that, they are actually friends and they are having a conversation
It's up to you, how you think about this picture

The news is in worldwide now , and now you've ruined one of my dream
At the beginning there's still a little hope that they'll be coming here
But now...?
You guys said that they didn't thought of you people
Guess what? You people just ruined a few people's dream, this small dream
You people are also the same, not being thoughtful.

I'm gonna pray hard and save money hard so that I can achieve my dream
Not like you people, asking from others.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I don't care what shit you talk about, but you've stepped on my tail
You've talk shit about part of my family when you know no shit about it

You think they're happy standing there all day and night doing all these?
You think they're glad to work all day all night long in these nonsense?
You think they want to be angry or shout or use these kind of methods?
They're also human, they have family, they have feelings and emotions
(Yea the punching is kinda harsh but you're being like a crazy guy shouting like org gile)
They're just doing their job, to make sure things wont get more MORE serious
They're doing their job and yet you compare it with other cases?
Those cases, those people flee; this case, those people came forward
When you shout, you're right; When they shout, they're wrong?
They are human too!
Just try it when everyone ignore you when you trying to do something right
If you don't have the patience, of course you'll get mad
You think it's so freaking easy to be the leader?
Compare? Right...

You've got your home sweet home, you've got plenty of food
You can afford the cars, gadgets and other luxurious expenses
And yet you voice out saying that the price is too high
If you can't afford it, just don't buy it
Paying for useless things? Don't use it then

When you were young, your teachers teaches you and you can't really offend them
When you were a kid, you want to buy something but your parents refuse to buy

What the heck you mean by we are the boss and they're your staff workers?
We, are NOT the freaking boss, we're just audiences
Just like voting a movie for winning a movie award
The boss is still the one who is in charge the whole company
And behind the story there will be someone trying to snatch away the boss' property
Spreading shits all over the place, and people just believe it making things worse

Changes take time
A good change takes a long time, tough
Bad changes? Few seconds or minutes?
Smoking? Attitude? Addictions?
A person can be a smoker just in a flash, but to quit smoking?

I pity the children who were involved in this
Blame the grown ups who brought them to this

I don't get it, why run away?
If you have the guts to start involve in something, don't run
Just face it like you first decided to join
And I thought you can't sit down when you're marching?
What's with sitting down and rest?

You're already living a good life and you still want more
They've already gave you more, and you want MORE
And more, and more, and more, and MORE!
What else you want? Gain it by YOURSELVES won't cha?
Don't expect others to feed you

The environment is freaking dirty but they barely care about it
This? Whoa...

Peace? Is shouting and "chanting" around the public a peace?
It's freaking humiliating...
There's so many ways that we can show our unity
But why choose this?
Why won't they show their unity
I rather not wanting to "unite" if it has to go THIS way
It looks so ugly...


"Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them! "
Albert Einstein

Poor Pikachu and other fictional characters...



絶対に 頑張ります

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

GLAY Taiwan Live Day 1 news photos

Hisa and Sei-chan~
Hisa is so short... T__T

Left to right(front): Teru, Jiro, Hisashi♥, Takuro
Poor Takuro only appeared in one photo



Tuesday, July 5, 2011

GLAY in Taiwan since yesterday... How nice if I could be there... $________$
And FAIL to the reporters!!! That's not Takuro! That's Sei-chan!!
Didn't they do any research before they do this? Guess not. Hmmp!

Saw this posted by some fan in Facebook
How can such a cute person live in this world..?!! *DROOLS!!!*
And his hair.... *drooooools*
I just wish I can be shorter than him... why am I so tall....

If I were there, I'll be stalking them..... *__*
(c'mon.. it's once in a lifetime =X)

Hard to breathe.............
I want to see them badly!!! I just have to see them!!!!!
I AM WAITING FOR THAT DAY!!!! *_____________*

What's with the SMALL SIZE PICTURE??? hmmp!!
(credits from here)




Saturday, July 2, 2011

Not responding

for almost an hour, or more... fu...aaaakkkk!!!

I ♥ berconteng

Friday, July 1, 2011


(不过有3条粉肠在LRT那边要stop我,又是那些人妈的 ==)
如果有钱的话就可以看到什么喜欢想要的就直接买 D: