Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Satellite of Love

If the end of the world is really coming, this is the only thing I have to do, MUST do
To attend their live concert, to see them performing in front of me

Even though I'm close with my family, I'm not going to say I must be with them till the last second
'cause I have no regrets towards them (but that might be another story for them =__=")
"Family" as in parents only by the way, 'cause I'll be with my sis in the concert :3
Ya that's it.. I must be with my sis before I die! D:
Friends.. nah they should go to their family or love ones lol..
Other than that.. I have nothing else to.. care about? I guess?
One of the advantage I like about being single, you don't have to care so many people. Lol.
And yea, my dream of being a guitarist and having a band... that's the second must-do list
But it can be ignored if the world's end is here...

この四人を会いたい.. グレイが会いたい...!
もしこのバンドはいない 多分あたしの人生はもう意味ないかも
夢はないし 趣味はないし 意味ないの生活

皆は会いたい ライブ見た欲し...

この夢の為に 節約頑張ろ!

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