Monday, June 13, 2011

Bear Day

BEARS!! A day off for me finally!

1. Lunch@GTowerTheLounge, eaten some scary weird tasting mini burger and cakes

2. Petronas Art Gallery, awesome

3. Magazines (Mukai Osamu and Florence!! ♥)


4. Bought a bluray player and watched GLAY RATW bluray
A lot of scream and shout and fangirling and headbanging at home(LOL)...
Which is awesome.. and HISA is just the cutest thing in the world....!!!

5. Last but not least...


Just a little hope, just dreaming
But still, it's awesome to think about it...

Anyway, this is the best happiest day I had in these past few weeks!


N※M said...

where do u get the latest glay cd and dvd i cant seems to find it in malaysia , appreciate your advice , die hard glay fan here

KaedE said...

oh hi! :D
ya u cant find it anywhere in malaysia, well maybe some of their older records but just very few
i get them through the internet on, but if u really want to find in malaysia, there's a cd shop in sungai wang (victoria) do sell some of their stuffs, u can also order from them if they dun hav the cds tat u want