Sunday, June 26, 2011



This is the first time I've touched a jazz guitar, Ibanez, very beautiful
Didn't knew that the strings are harder than the normal electric guitars
Too much to learn...

Listen to what they've said, I can't agree more
Too many talented people in this world, it's all about luck and exposure
As in, if you want to have a really good life, in this "art industry", or anything

Another dream just right next door, two of my dreams under the same roof
It's a really small and old place, but how nice if I were able to stay there or work there
How nice if there's a place like this around here

I really don't get those who just live their life just to live
Eat, play, shop, enjoy, club, sleep etc, I don't get it
Is it meaningful? Any goals?
Maybe it is for them, eat more than others, shop like you never shop before
Sleep for few days or few weeks and people might be thinking you're dead
Stuffs like that etc etc.. but I just don't get it
The meaning of living is? Eat? Sleep? Getting married? Have kids?
I don't know, maybe because I'm not aiming for these

Looking at people who is heading or who is on the track you've wished for, desire
It doesn't feel good, I mean
You're happy looking at them doing the things they like, smiling, enjoying
But you? Just sitting there, try to figure out how you can be like that

I know what I've been wanting to do might not be happen, but I'll still try
Time, timing, guts, patience, ability, luck...

Too much things everyone wanted to do
But there's only some can achieve what they wanna do
Some can achieve a little bit, some, none

Heck.. why am I in multimedia design?
After studying design for two years, what did I do?
Assignments of course, to develop my own skills.. Helped friends and my family
What else? It's all about helping others, DEEDS... right...
Grumbling while helping, but in the end when they like it, then you're happy
Not really "happy" I think, more to "glad", glad that everything's fine and everything's over
Lol.. I wonder who's gonna hire me as their designer next time when they saw what I've written
But c'mon, I'm just saying what most designers felt and think

After studying in this designing thing, I'm positively found that
I don't really like designing, I suck in thinking new and different ideas
I suck in communicating, I suck in accepting what people think
I suck in understanding what people say etc
Even so I still have to overcome all of these, for living

But it wasn't THAT bad, other than all those stuffs and lots of people better than me
There is still some stuffs I like.. learning new and interesting stuffs...
I just can't concentrate too much on it, because of the deadline+"exam" pressure
(But I still stood up all night just to make sure I did some improvement process or something wth)
What I've been doing for my assignments are just rushing and doing it because for assignment
My educational life... right...
But I'm still gonna continue studying this since I've already started
Not gonna stop halfway, ngeh.

HUNGRY. *sleep*

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