Thursday, June 9, 2011


*Fangirl post

Even though I barely sleep last night, these stuffs brightens my day (sorta..)

Finally got my RATW bluray yesterday
And today I got my GLAY 10th album

Bought these last two month except for the rare collective vol.4 in the middle
The 10th album on the right was released last year and I've got no money that time
But now got money terus buy.. weheheh...
So syok just to look at them, but.. no time to watch the dvds and the bluray haven't buy player
Half year added 7 more GLAY collection, last year only bought 1 GLAY dvd
Others Adam, orianthi and Florence+theMachine...
Now I'm hoping GLAY won't release anything for few months now
Or else I can't save more money to see them!


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