Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello June

Bought CUT OUT magazine weeks ago, knew it from fb while voting my friend's design entry
Not bad eh can refer some stuffs! Gonna buy the next issue! ....$__$!!
And the container on the left, so happy to see it! Can put my miniature! :D
GLAY Acoustic Live.. still got no time to watch.. =\

I spent a lot this month(May)... more than 1k which is around my salary...
Minus those manage properly liao de like collectives, wacom, $ from mum, mothers' day...
Left 200++... A UT shirt + tooth filling(LOL) = around 100 already..
Baki for piercings, random stationery, a bit on transport..
Yep.. I think correct liao... but...

Where did those money came from?!! D:
Or maybe I manage properly those money but I forgot?
Swt la count money until gile...

This month's salary.. just managed them.. so packed..
No more work... July no more extra money or savings... OTL
FYP also need money... *faints*

Been looping this song for days, almost a week or maybe more than a week..?! LOL
Yes I listen to KPOP which I don't like, and I don't like those type of genre
But hey, they're different!
The other kpop... Nah... -__-"


Finally got time to do this!! CANTIK!! JUST NICE!! :D

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