Saturday, March 12, 2011


I'm a bad fan... bad, bad fan...

I did saw someone post fb status(Katori's status about vistlip etc) and mention about the earthquake
But I thought it's some normal light earthquake, didn't knew it was serious
Until my sis told me about it, then I know
I did saw Teru posted "大丈夫?", but I didn't know what thing he meant
And I just go ahead watching GLAY's funny video and laughing like crazy

.....but thankfully everyone is save
GLAY, chatmonchy, X JAPAN+Taiji, An Cafe, ayaka, w-inds., Miyavi, WaT, PUFFY, TMR, Gackt, Nightmare etc etc etc...
And Ikuta Toma, Mukai Osamu, Ueno Juri, Tamaki Hiroshi etc...
They're all save...
And my one of my sis' best friend just came back from Aomori days before the earthquake! Thank God!

Glad that they're all right.

Yea maybe some of you might be thinking I'm just a lousy fangirl who only cares about my idols' safety but not the others
But if it's you, your family/love ones or strangers, which you'll be more worry?
They are my love ones, of course I care about them more than others
I don't want to see anything bad and horrible happen to them
But that doesn't mean I don't care about them
All we can do is pray for this to stop...

Am really lucky to born in my country.

Having goosebumps....
心配すぎ... 怖かった...

not sure about Kimura Kaela and Eita!
Hope they're fine....!


晴天 said...

Mikuuuu leh ?!! T.T

在 facebook 看到人家写 :

* 现在全东京电话都不能用,只有网络。所有人这时候都在走路回家,电车瘫痪。日本人只担心没食物。店长还很敬业的开店,怕大家没食物吃。只有超市关门,货物都倒了,无法营业。
** 几百人在广场避震完毕,整个过程,无一人抽烟。服务员在跑,拿来一切毯子,热水,饼干。所有男人帮助女人,跑回大楼为女人拿东西 ,接来电线放收音机。几个小时后,人散,地上没有一片垃圾。
** 地震後,日本三得利公司宣布所有販售機將免費供應飲料!日本的711和全家全部免费提供食品和饮水!渴了,自动贩卖机免费;饿了,便利店免费;累了,大超市开放避难;寂寞了,公众电话免费;听不懂日语,电视台中文喊话教怎么避难。這就是國家形象,日本雖然受災,日本人卻給世人上了一課。


觉得他们很冷静也很团结下~ 虽然是个天大灾难,觉得他们不久后很快就可以度过难关 ^^

KaedE said...

all an cafe members are fine..