Friday, March 25, 2011


*Note: random post

equals to

born in a nice family with cool jobs
slapped/hit by parents (not violently)
have whatever you want and your parents will buy for you during childhood (toys)
experienced no worries in financial, keep spending
go out for supper in hotels with family during childhood
listen to nice music
having a crazy and stupid sister with almost the same taste
got some free CDs and collectives
went to free concerts and met artists eventho we're not their fans
knowing GLAY and become a fangirl
having a dream since primary school
went through near bankruptcy
get to know some normal yet crazy friends
looked down by others
being left out
join the drama group and performed and directed a play
have some awesome memories
sleeping during class
failed in exams
being emo for the whole/few years
being the "bad person" once
got 2/120 for BM paper 2 *proud* lol
ups and downs in friendship
know some good friends
went to live gigs and head bang-ed
went to lives by artists I like
earned and spent money on collectives
working hard on something
having aims
still having the same dream

etc etc etc

Am lucky to born in this family
Am lucky to have a crazy and stupid sister
Am lucky to call the two of them as my best friend
eventho the both of them can't work out
Am lucky to know GLAY and become a fangirl
Where I found my dreams and my meaning of life
Am lucky to be left out, weird, sleeping in class the whole day everyday
I don't wanna left out anyone as long as I can 'cause I know how it feels, unless you deserve it
Am lucky to etc etc etc...

Been blabbing about myself having no fate or no luck to meet any friends(in real life)
that have the same interest with me except my sis
Listens to Japanese music and being a GLAY fan that is
And now guess what

Am lucky to know someone near me who loves GLAY like me, finally.

Study hard to have a better job
Study hard to have a better life
Study hard to have money

Have money for my family to have a better life

Have money for collectives
Have money for go to Japan
Have money for go to see GLAY
Have money for buying instruments

Family, a few close friends, favorite artists, dream,
A few people who have the same interest with me, and money
That's all I need.

I don't understand those who doesn't have a fav artist or idol
I can't understand how they feel (this includes someone in my family...)
I really can't imagine what if I don't idolize anyone
or can't imagine what if I never heard of GLAY
There is when I start having my dreams

For all these years, finally there's people who really knows what I'm talking
And know how I felt and thought of.

Am really happy these few day
'cause I'm finally not alone anymore.


OH YA I suddenly remember
both places that sell CDs in JJ, don't have Japanese CDs...
That is why I hate the trend. F.

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