Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy ( 'w' )/

Got my GLAY Rare Collective vol.4 yesterday!
FINALLY BOUGHT SOME COLLECTION!! (exclude Adam/ori/Florence)
It's been a year I didn't buy any GLAY stuffs!! The last time is last year March!!
Jumps around when I got it!! HAPPY!!! :D :D :D

Heeehehehehhehehe..... :)

I've already missed a lot of their recent release, this time I've only got one even though there's vol.3 too...
Money... *tear drops* Oh well...

And another happy thing is, watched GLAY's PVs during work today!
Thanks to my colleague who is also a GLAY fan, which she did bought The Great Vacation Vol.1 and Vol.2 Limited ones!!
Get to touch the real thing! So pretty.... *drools*
Very less salary and quite tiring, but am happy 'cause we're all a bunch of fangirls HAHA *cough cough*

Two more weeks to go for this semester! Still haven finish my assignments!
Lala~ po~ (guess what song is this. lol)


kurokei said...

Teletubbies say hello :7

KaedE said...

smart shit %^D