Friday, March 4, 2011


Well this is boring.. after 15 minutes and class ends.

College... things are going pretty well (I think)
Just that the timetable sucks
And boring, as in just doing your own thing at home everyday
Well basically I'm use to it, it's been years.. right...
But there is still a limitation...

Anyway, GLAY made my day.

I want this Rilakkuma
Only got 1000 limited and only in Japan!
But it's RM3000+++, more expensive than PRS SE Orianthi?
So... blah.

Barely use my phone, just use it to take pics and online and listen to songs
Wanted to buy iPod touch for it's wi-fi and games? And the mp3 player of course
But not planning to buy anymore, will buy it next time when I can really afford
Better use the money to buy tablet and GLAY stuffs...

Saving money, earning money.



晴天 said...


晴天 said...

还有他... haiz

KaedE said...

对啊... *sik*

晴天 said...

dun cry~ *muacksss* XD (呕)