Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Exporting and rendering and failing and exporting and rendering and failing for weeks
Finally I'm done with this so called "responsibility" which I didn't but have to accept it
And now I know, to burn video into a VCD, the video files must be in AVI format
And no matter how big the file size is, it will change to 4:3 300++ pixel.

I can now finally feel my HOLIDAY, FINALLY.

Oh yea, downloaded Neon Tree's album. Nice :D

Happy Chinese New Year btw

Kickapoo's CNY packaging, the rabbit looks hilarious lol
Wait.. Kickapoo.. kick..ka..p... lol now I just noticed
But it taste good tho lol

p/s 2:
To those who came to my blog by searching the "Kaede" from the girl group HAPPINESS
I'm not that Kaede, I'm a Malaysian born in 1991, she's Japanese born in 1996 (hell I feel old)
She's 15 with a 168cm height, I was 165~168cm when I was 15 and now I'm 170cm
(this is random but I hope she'll grew taller 'cause there's not many tall Asian girls)
I'm not a fan of the group but at least they're not slutty, hope they still remain in the future!

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