Monday, February 28, 2011


= February music love
= songs/artist i'm into in this month

Born This Way, love the lyrics and the music

Florence Welch @ The Grammy's! Love her ♥!

Fallulah, a Danish singer
Not quite well known, but her song was on Ford Fiesta's tvc
And I love the song ('cause somehow I think if Adam sings the song it would be awesome =X)
But yea, I like her! Downloaded her album!
But it's hard for her to be in the mainstream
'cause those pop song nowadays...
Hope that more people will know her!

Favourite band: GLAY
Favourite band(female): Chatmonchy
Favourite American band: Matchbox Twenty
Favourite American artist(male): Adam Lambert
Favourite American artist(female): Lady GaGa
Favourite Australian artist: Orianthi
Favourite British artist(female): Florence Welch
Favourite Danish artist(female): Fallulah

College...? Assignments? Yea.

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