Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CNY 2011

Before CNY during the days with cold weather
This is what I wore in those few days
Exclude the boots and scarf. Lol.


My icon. lol

CNY Day 1 *KL-Cheras-PJ
Top: crème RM20++ (original price RM69, Jusco 70% off)

CNY Day 2 *Muar-Melaka
Top: Uniqlo UT guys tee less than RM30
Bottom: Scarlet RM5 (original price RM15, Jusco 70% off LOL)

CNY Day 3 Family dinner at my house

CNY Day 4 With sis and her friends

CNY Day 5 Milkygreen gathering steamboat dinner
Top: Cotton On guys' tee RM37.50 (buy two RM75)

CNY Day 6 Dinner at uncle's house

And today it's CNY Day 7.

Nothing special again in CNY, no CNY atmosphere
Not much decoration 'cause everyone's tired, quite boring
And now I'm kinda sick, thanks to those biscuits treats and rou gan....
U4 CNY visit not sure on or not... angpau.... LOL

This following semester's timetable sucks..
Two subject, everyday got class, one class per day
Digital Typography.... more printing? :(
But what good is, no exam (izit?) :D

Hope I can save a lot of money in these following months...
So that I can buy something I want in my mind right now
And maybe tablet, and other stuffs....


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