Friday, January 21, 2011

平成ナイト II

original pic HERE

original pic HERE

If I were going to their live, I would definitely change my hair like HISA's ♥

*Note: Photos by JIRO at GLAY RECORDING LIVE and more... blog


M Saufi A R said...

hi there,

we are X! hahaha XD

hope you have something to share with about X Japan stuff :-)

nice to meet you here.

KaedE said...

we are X!! haha

there's nothing much about X JAPAN, now they're trying to take over America (lol), and recently they're signed to EMI

M Saufi A R said...

owh i see.. really hope they'll come to Malaysia.. i don't understand why their music didt reach here, is it bcause of their song title, like Standind S**, OrGAsm? or maybe because yoshiki didt wear cloth durig concert? hehehe funny

i want to have their original material (CD, concert DVD), but all i can do is download.. -.-'

oh ya.. where did you get the megazine (cover hide)?

KaedE said...

lol they're not well known here in Malaysia, so are the other jap artists. Now everything it's all korean stuffs =\

last time before they start their world tour, they did say that they'll be having tour in Thailand, but until now i think there's still no news bout it? Not sure =S
now i rather watch their lives in youtube, coz.. hide's not there anymore =( plus their newer songs are.. kinda weird i think

which magazine u mean?

M Saufi A R said...

Thailand? still far.. at least they come to singapore it will be better hehe

yaaa.. korean artist market really high on demand here. but i'm not really into korean stuff except Younha. have you listen to her song? she sing japanese songs too. She's really have a good voice.

i rather download their live concert, i love to collect their concerts. yup, its different without hide. but their hametsu ni mukatte, 3 days concert, they perform Art of Life with hide hologram.. kowai~ huhuhu but still cool.. have you watch it?

their new song kind a weird? you feel it right hehehe their new song not really like X Japan song, i'm waiting new song with drums bit like kurenai, orgasm, X etc. 10 years after disband, maybe he want to make some different who knows :-) as long as it's X JAPAN.. layan je la... hehehe

the megazine, with hide face, red hair at the cover.

KaedE said...

lol i only know younha's houki boushi

of course i've watched the hologram hide! that's sooo awesome and it looks real! but they can't do that or play hide's video in their lives anymore or else they're gonna be sue by headwax again =(

do u mean the hide bible or? if it is, i got it from if not mistaken i think klcc kinokuniya still left one, but not sure still there or not la

M Saufi A R said...

"but they can't do that or play hide's video in their lives anymore or else they're gonna be sue by headwax again =("

oo my god... i really don't know bout this.. why they can't play hide video again?? n who is headwax? if i'm not mistake.. during concert in yokohama, last august, they still play hide video for kurenai intro n X song.., online shop? hehehe i don't know how to online shoping unless they got maybank2u hehe actually i'm looking hide's guitar in malaysia but i couldn't find.. :-(

M Saufi A R said...

owh ya.. i recommend you to listen to, Yubikiri, from younha :-)

KaedE said...

just listened, not bad =D

headwax is hide's company/recording label.. hide is not here anymore, consider not part of X anymore so they're not allowed to show any videos of hide =S

Malaysia dun hav much Fernandes or Burny i think bcoz it's jap's stuffs *sigh*

M Saufi A R said...

nice isn't it? glad you like it too :-)

japs stuff huh.. erm.. so kaede, you play any instrument?

KaedE said...

ermm yea i play guitar, but still a beginner =S

M Saufi A R said...

wow cool, how long have you playing guitar?

somebody playing guitar, :-p

gong xi fa cai :-)