Monday, January 31, 2011

Room Deco

15th October 2003

When I was 12

Listen to songs on the radio is still better than on pc




CNY...? 没钱最惨。

Friday, January 21, 2011

平成ナイト II

original pic HERE

original pic HERE

If I were going to their live, I would definitely change my hair like HISA's ♥

*Note: Photos by JIRO at GLAY RECORDING LIVE and more... blog

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm so sad right now, 'cause I can't and I'm not in Japan
GLAY's heisei gig just now.. (heisei=平成=starts from ppl who were born in 1989)
So sad.. I'm from 平成 too, I can't go but just can spam in Twitter #glay #heiseigig
Those who went said it was fun and touching... *CRIES!!!*

If I get to go to their live just for once before I die, I can rest in peace...!!

Oh well... only can syok sendiri at home..(。・_・。)

0:49~0:51, 1:42~2:00.. I ♥ HISA *cries*

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Oh wow, well look at the date yesterday
Why is there no one fascinating about it?


Finished our exams finally!
It's actually only two subjects, but we already memorize like crazy
'cause well.. our course are mostly 100% coursework (good or bad? it depends. lol)

Went to "celebrate" with my classmates, headed to 1U
Movie.. Season of Witches..?
I have no idea what this movie is, but I don't like it
'cause it's related to religion, and I don't like talking so much about religion..
(it's just my opinion.. it's not defamatory.. don't sue me please..!!)
All I do in the cinema is laugh and peep-watching the movie whenever there's disgusting or shocking scene
Laughing 'cause I'm thinking what our lecturer told us how does a movie goes
Which part they'll suddenly pop up some scary stuffs etc etc
And there's some parts I guess it right HAHA

And the most epic one was the "burn in hell" sentence, all of us(me and classmates) laugh at this
'cause we just finished Arts Law test and there's a case with this sentence
Can't believe we still have to listen to this sentence after the test! lol..

Steamboat for dinner, and I regret for following my dad's way of eating steamboat
I think this morning until now I went to toilet for around 10 times already?
It's KILLING ME!! (lol Killing Me) And now I'm hungry D: *cough*

Gulliver's Travels.. I forgot I wanna watch this, one of the story read in childhood
But oh well.. I'm almost broke now =/

Bought the left one at 1U yesterday
The right one is on 30 Dec at Wastons, same with my sis' but smaller one

And you know what??

I'm quite regret for buying them...
If it wasn't them, I can save the money and buy GLAY's new albums etc...!!
I'm so stupid!! GLAY is waaaayyy much more important than Rilakks!! *Rilakks crying*
It's not half of the month now but I've spent half of my allowance!
Another month with no savings.. it's been few months for now!! *bangs head*
Having difficulty breathing again when browsing and their HP
Serves me right for buying Rilakks... and eating junk food with my classmates ==

Oh ya, our holiday starts yesterday! But not fully holiday for me I suppose?
I still haven't done my cousin's wedding video, need to upgrade my pc
And the project.. I wonder when we're gonna start??

.....stomach.... ~___~

Saturday, January 8, 2011


GLAY... releasing two new Rare Collective albums.. soon...
Pre-order... *shivers*


No money la f.

Eyes feel like popping out now...
Art Law... BORING!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011



虽然差一点不及格..... 很想再试试一次看咯... *咳咳*
不过如果真的试看,一定后悔死 ==

唉,我觉得... 人生中考试没有不及格过是个很奇怪的事
不是奇怪啦,如果你真的很厉害就“没办法” ==
一直及格... 很显叻... 没有吓自己一下
不过那是给小学中学的啦.. 学院...?
要三点了可是还在这里培养在我脸上的细菌 ==

还没upload完啊... 还剩8分钟啊...
肩膀酸啊.. 肚子饿啊.. 眼睛累啊....