Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Finally bought an external hard disk.. (so plain ugh)
Pre-rendered a video which is less than 3 minutes
Full HD, 1980 x 1080, more than 40gb...
Felt like dying when my hard disks only have a total less than 30gb space
(2 hard disk only 149gb each x_x)
Now I know.. cannot render the same size.. T__T

Now have to wait my dad come back from outstation to help me bring my system unit to upgrade it DX

My mum bought me early christmas present!
RILAKK!! Hehehe...


Busy with cousin's wedding few days ago (f.......)
Photographer or videographer... whatever...
All the photos I took are not nice, blur and dark and noise... the white balance.. f..
And the videos, got some part of the ceremony didn't record them
'cause battery finished wtf... fail...

Left: that's not my bag, it's my grandma's
Right: Lol reach home set tripod XD Sien lor.. the youngest in the family but the second tall one...

Normally I didn't really care what to wear to attend a wedding
Just a jeans and sport shoes and tank top and a jacket (wear once skirt with heels la but felt kekshui eh)
But this time it's different 'cause it's my cousin's wedding
Plus I have to act like a photographer so must wear more yeng *cough*
And we have stay at the reception place to collect those money etc..

Aiya my boots.. tak nampak la sien...
Just the pants and boots are new
Shirt is the one we wear during V-Awards
And the vest I bought for my sis (mum pay la)

Heheyyy outside wear boots
Inside pink socks =X

Oh ya, the best entertainment in a wedding is...
Laughing at those people who sing(mostly female).. which is horrible *cough*
I know it's bad, but since they sing horribly and still want to sing
So we laugh la.

My youngest cousin's masterpiece XD

Oh, and.. guys are so pity during wedding.

OH! And!! My camera fell on the road, but luckily it landed from the bottom part
Which is somehow protected by the tripod attach thingy, so nothing spoil
And while recording I didn't notice there's a longkang behind me
So when I step backwards, I fall into the longkang
But no injure or camera spoil, just kena a bit mud on my shoe and the longkang water is clean lol
And while recording, because they took too much time to let the groom in
So end up my camera battery finished...
Lucky? Unlucky? I.don't.know.

And.. anti-"sb4m" (unless I'm old enough? lol)
I don't wanna ruin my future because of a sudden "surprise"


Besok tvc shooting, hope everything go smoothly
Still got short film and 2D rotoscope
Total 3 videos to shoot, plus one more instructional design
This week is Week 11, next week(Week12) moral presentation..
All four final assignments pass up at Week 13, which is next NEXT week
Wow... how fast...

Somehow I felt like assignments are not that stress like Year 1 anymore
What's more stress?
Other extra missions that people gave you
Those are more stress, and the "deadlines" are more tight
I "can't wait" to step outside the college to work in this field in the society *dies*

Oh ya, and I can't wait for Christmas!
Well last Christmas was the best 'cause me and my sis went to live band performances
Not sure what this Christmas will be, but I just love those Christmas songs!

Anyway... hope it won't rain tomorrow! DX


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