Sunday, December 19, 2010


Two weeks left till the end of 14 weeks
Four assignments to submit
Two final tests to attend
Six days to Christmas
Two weeks to 2011
Two months plus to the 3rd semester
Five months to finish diploma...

9th Dec

Video and Audio assignment TVC shooting @ Kepong

12th Dec

Video and Audio assignment short film shooting @ Klang

14th Dec

2D rotoscope video shooting(more like playing XD) @ Kepong

17th Dec

Belanja Jane for her birthday @ Fullhouse
(sorry.. too expensive... DX)

Because of these four days, we're all broke!
Three days of different shootings
The most smooth without any problems - tvc shooting
The most tiring day - short film shooting
The most fun and craziest day night - rotoscope

It's tiring, but had fun 'cause I don't usually or sorta not allowed to go out at night
Only allowed if it's for a "mission" like for studies/homework or practice(it was for drama last time which i'm quite not allowed now..)
Or some gatherings.. which erm.. there're like only 1 or 2 times a year?
So this time, thanks to these video shooting assignments?

Blaming myself for being stupid during secondary school life
But it's all good, had all my own lessons.


Christmas is coming.. any plans for Christmas..?

Waiting for the coming semester break...
I need to sleep more and stay away from the internet
Just like what I did last sem break!
And relax....
And maybe... get some money....

Oh ya, and I know what I want for Christmas
A 2~4gb memory card for my phone!
I can't stand a 256mb memory for another year
And a guitar capo, for both classic and electric guitar...
Plus a pack of new classical guitar string...
Right.... I'm talking shit..

Downloaded Hybrid Theory and P!nk's Greatest Hits
And all Paramore's album (I'm so slow)
Gonna download all the albums I want from here Ugh I should have found this site earlier
And if I've got the money, I'll buy them all...
I wanna be like my dad, collecting CDs... :D

Oh, and Paramore's lead guitarist and drummer leave the band
I'm not a huge fan, but it IS a sad thing
Especially when the both brothers are part of the founder of the band
Should have attend their live last time in Malaysia
But.. oh well.. I've got no cash $$$

........sem break...


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