Friday, December 31, 2010


These are the things I remember the most in 2010....?

Awesomeness -Adam Lambert Live in Malaysia
Glad - Tea Time 17
Normal - Lone Trip
Tired - Year 2 Sem 1
Most Shock - Camera nearly being snatch away Never really mention bout this before, a GREAT experience

Basically I think there's no difference except for the age
College "year" is different with the normal "year" =\
Everything goes according to semesters.. lol.

Btw I love that fb status coding game
I love telling ppl how I think about them(not face to face la so embarrassing lol)
And I want ppl to tell me what they think about me
A way to improve yourselves, plus some memories
And you get to see part of other ppl's true sides
I love it.

Reached home late last night, and made my parents worried again
Because of? Drama again..
Went to watch their(Milkygreen and Tarc drama group) performance in the drama camp
HELL! They kept using music from 3 Idiots and "alizzwel"(all is well)!! D:
Felt weird and kept having goosebumps, especially while watching those higher level groups..
There's more ppl getting stronger, so are my juniors and my fellow tarc drama friends XO

I won't be saying that I regret for quitting it 'cause everything is fine right now
Not just fine, it is quite well actually, had involved in two projects
One of it is some production project, which is a bit related to acting, entertainment stuff
Not doing the acting part, but at least something related a bit to it.. =)

Gonna have pressure sooner or later
Never collaborate with other ppl before for this 5 sems
Always the same group of ppl, and they're all girls
Now this one? All of them are.. guys. I mean most of them Lol.
And I don't know them in person plus most of them are pros in our course ffs!
Can't wait to see how they do their work =S

Learning from experiences.. that's what I want and what I need.

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