Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Handed all our assignments FINALLY!
But, there's no celebrations. Boring. BORING.

Relief now, but not exactly 'cause there's two final tests left
And I still have to help my cousin do their wedding video
And tshirt design logo for the drama ppl...
not sure whether they still want it or not tho and I haven't start doing it..

And upgrade my pc.. it keeps on collapse last night =(
*added* lol.. cleaned my system unit at night and it works fine now
thanks to my sis for reminding me the dusts in there

No celebrations.. no xmas celebrations.. no etc etc...
Whenever we meet up, it will be just assignments and birthday celebrations
Boring.. Other than this, it is still boring. =\

Love this edited pic of mine! Macam so abstract, I like!
Thanks to MunYi! Wahaha

2010 is ending soon..
Not much feeling, 'cause our college "year" is different
Money, can't help much..
Dreams, yea.. still can't reach it...
So, yea.

Time to sleep.

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