Friday, December 24, 2010


Finally submitted these three tough assignments
(tvc, short film and instructional design)
The instructional design final work.. had preparation to let the lecturer shoot us
'cause compare to most of the other groups, they seem like put more effort than us
(mainly games la but our main thing not games pun, but still felt a bit...)
But NO! "Fortunately".. somehow the lecturers liked it?
And somehow "offered"(lol is this the word?) us to join an award thingy!
I was like... huh? 'cause I don't get what he/they mean
And when I heard "fjheuefer award fiehfioef", I "o___o?!"
We never expected that! I mean.. who would ever expected?
Well since there's a chance, why not give it a try? As an experience.

Huhuhu... never really represent on something big like this before
Except for calligraphy competition during primary school which is quite useless for the future
And err... drama performance... =)
Oh ya, and KRS pertandingan kawad/formasi... (where's my cert? I still haven't got it. Oh well, it's useless)

1 year eh... need a new group name already instead of "PANOZS"? LOL

Home alone in Xmas eve right now
At least I went to have lunch with my classmates
Which makes it.. uhh.. not fully a boring day -__-"

Xmas eve.. home alone...
One more assignment left to do
Might as well do some of it right now since I got the time
Don't wanna make myself nervous breakdown due to last minute work again
I had enough last night, by exporting videos...
Gonna add more memory and a new processor...
More cash burning...........feeling bad... =\

Christmas.. not having a good one comparing to the last one
There no xmas event in college(booooring), no outing
No live band performances, no jumping and head banging..
Rock the World 10 on 26th Dec, not attending 'cause no company..
It's been few months we didn't watch any live, as in Rosevelt's live
There's only 2 times in this year, April at Monash Uni and September outside Pavilion
Luckily Orianthi and Adam came :D

................ughhhh really hope than Adam will come back for his next tour!!
And Orianthi too of course :) But ADAM!!!
Still can't forget the awesome moments especially during "If I Had You"...!

Oh well, let's see next year :D

GLAY is still THE best ♥
Really love the way how Hisa play his guitar, which is why I love him ♥♥♥♥♥
Suddenly remember something! GLAY is going to hold a live
Whichhh is specially for people who're born in the year of Heisei
Which is start from year 1988 to... now(still going)!
But it's in Japan Q__Q

Ok, gotta do rotoscoping now.

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