Friday, December 31, 2010


These are the things I remember the most in 2010....?

Awesomeness -Adam Lambert Live in Malaysia
Glad - Tea Time 17
Normal - Lone Trip
Tired - Year 2 Sem 1
Most Shock - Camera nearly being snatch away Never really mention bout this before, a GREAT experience

Basically I think there's no difference except for the age
College "year" is different with the normal "year" =\
Everything goes according to semesters.. lol.

Btw I love that fb status coding game
I love telling ppl how I think about them(not face to face la so embarrassing lol)
And I want ppl to tell me what they think about me
A way to improve yourselves, plus some memories
And you get to see part of other ppl's true sides
I love it.

Reached home late last night, and made my parents worried again
Because of? Drama again..
Went to watch their(Milkygreen and Tarc drama group) performance in the drama camp
HELL! They kept using music from 3 Idiots and "alizzwel"(all is well)!! D:
Felt weird and kept having goosebumps, especially while watching those higher level groups..
There's more ppl getting stronger, so are my juniors and my fellow tarc drama friends XO

I won't be saying that I regret for quitting it 'cause everything is fine right now
Not just fine, it is quite well actually, had involved in two projects
One of it is some production project, which is a bit related to acting, entertainment stuff
Not doing the acting part, but at least something related a bit to it.. =)

Gonna have pressure sooner or later
Never collaborate with other ppl before for this 5 sems
Always the same group of ppl, and they're all girls
Now this one? All of them are.. guys. I mean most of them Lol.
And I don't know them in person plus most of them are pros in our course ffs!
Can't wait to see how they do their work =S

Learning from experiences.. that's what I want and what I need.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Handed all our assignments FINALLY!
But, there's no celebrations. Boring. BORING.

Relief now, but not exactly 'cause there's two final tests left
And I still have to help my cousin do their wedding video
And tshirt design logo for the drama ppl...
not sure whether they still want it or not tho and I haven't start doing it..

And upgrade my pc.. it keeps on collapse last night =(
*added* lol.. cleaned my system unit at night and it works fine now
thanks to my sis for reminding me the dusts in there

No celebrations.. no xmas celebrations.. no etc etc...
Whenever we meet up, it will be just assignments and birthday celebrations
Boring.. Other than this, it is still boring. =\

Love this edited pic of mine! Macam so abstract, I like!
Thanks to MunYi! Wahaha

2010 is ending soon..
Not much feeling, 'cause our college "year" is different
Money, can't help much..
Dreams, yea.. still can't reach it...
So, yea.

Time to sleep.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Xmas, nothing special
Presents from my bestest best friend aka my sis are always special and cute ♥
Early presents from my mum is also cute
Dinner is so so 'cause there's not much desserts to eat (which to me, is the most important dine in a buffet)
And no more.

RTW 10.. Sigh...

Now I'm just waiting everything to be done
The last assignment and those two tests
Then I can sleep as long as I want everyday!


Forgotten to mention this!
Accompanied my sis to hunt for boots on Xmas and had A&W @ WangsaWalk (take away)
While waiting, they gave us this! A small cup of A&W root beer!
Never had this before... so cute! XD

Friday, December 24, 2010


Finally submitted these three tough assignments
(tvc, short film and instructional design)
The instructional design final work.. had preparation to let the lecturer shoot us
'cause compare to most of the other groups, they seem like put more effort than us
(mainly games la but our main thing not games pun, but still felt a bit...)
But NO! "Fortunately".. somehow the lecturers liked it?
And somehow "offered"(lol is this the word?) us to join an award thingy!
I was like... huh? 'cause I don't get what he/they mean
And when I heard "fjheuefer award fiehfioef", I "o___o?!"
We never expected that! I mean.. who would ever expected?
Well since there's a chance, why not give it a try? As an experience.

Huhuhu... never really represent on something big like this before
Except for calligraphy competition during primary school which is quite useless for the future
And err... drama performance... =)
Oh ya, and KRS pertandingan kawad/formasi... (where's my cert? I still haven't got it. Oh well, it's useless)

1 year eh... need a new group name already instead of "PANOZS"? LOL

Home alone in Xmas eve right now
At least I went to have lunch with my classmates
Which makes it.. uhh.. not fully a boring day -__-"

Xmas eve.. home alone...
One more assignment left to do
Might as well do some of it right now since I got the time
Don't wanna make myself nervous breakdown due to last minute work again
I had enough last night, by exporting videos...
Gonna add more memory and a new processor...
More cash burning...........feeling bad... =\

Christmas.. not having a good one comparing to the last one
There no xmas event in college(booooring), no outing
No live band performances, no jumping and head banging..
Rock the World 10 on 26th Dec, not attending 'cause no company..
It's been few months we didn't watch any live, as in Rosevelt's live
There's only 2 times in this year, April at Monash Uni and September outside Pavilion
Luckily Orianthi and Adam came :D

................ughhhh really hope than Adam will come back for his next tour!!
And Orianthi too of course :) But ADAM!!!
Still can't forget the awesome moments especially during "If I Had You"...!

Oh well, let's see next year :D

GLAY is still THE best ♥
Really love the way how Hisa play his guitar, which is why I love him ♥♥♥♥♥
Suddenly remember something! GLAY is going to hold a live
Whichhh is specially for people who're born in the year of Heisei
Which is start from year 1988 to... now(still going)!
But it's in Japan Q__Q

Ok, gotta do rotoscoping now.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Heheheh Hisa had Facebook account and finally he approved my friend request!!
Now browsing his photos post by the fans heheheheh *jumps around*

*nods* :3

:( @kurokei

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Two weeks left till the end of 14 weeks
Four assignments to submit
Two final tests to attend
Six days to Christmas
Two weeks to 2011
Two months plus to the 3rd semester
Five months to finish diploma...

9th Dec

Video and Audio assignment TVC shooting @ Kepong

12th Dec

Video and Audio assignment short film shooting @ Klang

14th Dec

2D rotoscope video shooting(more like playing XD) @ Kepong

17th Dec

Belanja Jane for her birthday @ Fullhouse
(sorry.. too expensive... DX)

Because of these four days, we're all broke!
Three days of different shootings
The most smooth without any problems - tvc shooting
The most tiring day - short film shooting
The most fun and craziest day night - rotoscope

It's tiring, but had fun 'cause I don't usually or sorta not allowed to go out at night
Only allowed if it's for a "mission" like for studies/homework or practice(it was for drama last time which i'm quite not allowed now..)
Or some gatherings.. which erm.. there're like only 1 or 2 times a year?
So this time, thanks to these video shooting assignments?

Blaming myself for being stupid during secondary school life
But it's all good, had all my own lessons.


Christmas is coming.. any plans for Christmas..?

Waiting for the coming semester break...
I need to sleep more and stay away from the internet
Just like what I did last sem break!
And relax....
And maybe... get some money....

Oh ya, and I know what I want for Christmas
A 2~4gb memory card for my phone!
I can't stand a 256mb memory for another year
And a guitar capo, for both classic and electric guitar...
Plus a pack of new classical guitar string...
Right.... I'm talking shit..

Downloaded Hybrid Theory and P!nk's Greatest Hits
And all Paramore's album (I'm so slow)
Gonna download all the albums I want from here Ugh I should have found this site earlier
And if I've got the money, I'll buy them all...
I wanna be like my dad, collecting CDs... :D

Oh, and Paramore's lead guitarist and drummer leave the band
I'm not a huge fan, but it IS a sad thing
Especially when the both brothers are part of the founder of the band
Should have attend their live last time in Malaysia
But.. oh well.. I've got no cash $$$

........sem break...


Thursday, December 16, 2010






不过还是会无意地想那些没用的东西... unconscious mind.. -_-

不过这个sem.. CGPA应该不会上升...

所以.. 该内疚还是什么?


明天presentation,后天日文考试 x___X

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


最近在家都很显,render和export video等到显
有时还一直hang着collapse就not responding
显... 显啊----!

飙车... 不是飙到很快啦,不过很爽~
想回上个礼拜有两次差点撞车怕.. 都是我的错,不看好没有车 -__-
嗯.. 妈妈off day整个礼拜.. 有得驾就尽量驾~~~

Yeah! LOL
(Honey and Clover's Peter Lucas)

对了,幸好2D rotoscope换去Week 14交了
我要早睡迟醒~~~ (不过应该也是十点多就醒了 -_-)

还有拜五有moral presentation!!! FORMAL presentation!!!
又要手震到够够力了... T___T



Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Finally bought an external hard disk.. (so plain ugh)
Pre-rendered a video which is less than 3 minutes
Full HD, 1980 x 1080, more than 40gb...
Felt like dying when my hard disks only have a total less than 30gb space
(2 hard disk only 149gb each x_x)
Now I know.. cannot render the same size.. T__T

Now have to wait my dad come back from outstation to help me bring my system unit to upgrade it DX

My mum bought me early christmas present!
RILAKK!! Hehehe...


Busy with cousin's wedding few days ago (f.......)
Photographer or videographer... whatever...
All the photos I took are not nice, blur and dark and noise... the white balance.. f..
And the videos, got some part of the ceremony didn't record them
'cause battery finished wtf... fail...

Left: that's not my bag, it's my grandma's
Right: Lol reach home set tripod XD Sien lor.. the youngest in the family but the second tall one...

Normally I didn't really care what to wear to attend a wedding
Just a jeans and sport shoes and tank top and a jacket (wear once skirt with heels la but felt kekshui eh)
But this time it's different 'cause it's my cousin's wedding
Plus I have to act like a photographer so must wear more yeng *cough*
And we have stay at the reception place to collect those money etc..

Aiya my boots.. tak nampak la sien...
Just the pants and boots are new
Shirt is the one we wear during V-Awards
And the vest I bought for my sis (mum pay la)

Heheyyy outside wear boots
Inside pink socks =X

Oh ya, the best entertainment in a wedding is...
Laughing at those people who sing(mostly female).. which is horrible *cough*
I know it's bad, but since they sing horribly and still want to sing
So we laugh la.

My youngest cousin's masterpiece XD

Oh, and.. guys are so pity during wedding.

OH! And!! My camera fell on the road, but luckily it landed from the bottom part
Which is somehow protected by the tripod attach thingy, so nothing spoil
And while recording I didn't notice there's a longkang behind me
So when I step backwards, I fall into the longkang
But no injure or camera spoil, just kena a bit mud on my shoe and the longkang water is clean lol
And while recording, because they took too much time to let the groom in
So end up my camera battery finished...
Lucky? Unlucky? I.don't.know.

And.. anti-"sb4m" (unless I'm old enough? lol)
I don't wanna ruin my future because of a sudden "surprise"


Besok tvc shooting, hope everything go smoothly
Still got short film and 2D rotoscope
Total 3 videos to shoot, plus one more instructional design
This week is Week 11, next week(Week12) moral presentation..
All four final assignments pass up at Week 13, which is next NEXT week
Wow... how fast...

Somehow I felt like assignments are not that stress like Year 1 anymore
What's more stress?
Other extra missions that people gave you
Those are more stress, and the "deadlines" are more tight
I "can't wait" to step outside the college to work in this field in the society *dies*

Oh ya, and I can't wait for Christmas!
Well last Christmas was the best 'cause me and my sis went to live band performances
Not sure what this Christmas will be, but I just love those Christmas songs!

Anyway... hope it won't rain tomorrow! DX