Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Half

Summary of first half year 2 sem 2 (only the things i remember)
- Glamnation Tour
- alone in a cinema
- submitted 2 exercises and 1 assignment.. only
- spent quite a lot on eating
- planned to lose some weight but now starting to eat more again
- not rushing my assignments
- snatch theft


After 6 weeks, we finally starting to be busy
Gonna present(two presentations) and pass up an assignment tomorrow
Mid term test on week 8(next week) and week 9 (haven't study anything yet)
Pass up another assignment on week 9 (haven't done anything too)
And what else? I have no idea how many assignments we're gonna do next
'cause there's no proper briefing

Finally changed my desktop wallpaper ♥ Hisaaa~♥
Jiro looks weird here tho...



*added* (101112)

Both presentation just now... faaaaaillllll......
Have no idea why those hidden files will appear in the pdf file on the mac
It's not like this on my pc.. zzz
And I'm still nervous like shit in presentations... hate it....
Oh well, another few tasks has ended~

Oh ya, I nearly forgot tomorrow is my sis' convo(dunno it's for her adv dip or bach degree)!
Missed her convo last time 'cause I had a performance at New Era College
Gonna snap photos Nom nom nom :3
But don't have super zoom lens... blaaaahhhh XA <--lol random emoticon i created while spamming with my sis

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