Monday, November 29, 2010


*tik* (teardrop) ='(

Why YesAsia... why do you have to do this to me......???
I only buy Japanese CDs from you, I'm a loyal buyer **
I wanted to buy them, but now I have no money
Once I have money, I will buy them, but....
Why you wanna do this to me... WHY???



Changed my blog background! Feels like go-green (HAHA SIEN LOR!!)
Wanted to change back to my previous background 'cause this template cropped my header!
And it has birds flying images behind my header >__>"
And I can't find the width coding! If only I know css...
css... coding.... script.... FLASH ACTION SCRIPT!! *DIES*

Oh, it's Week 10 now, and tomorrow is the last day of November (bye, again)
Handing another assignment tomorrow
Four assignments left to go, I think?
All of them are tough works...
But I think the previous semester is WORSE
As in the amount of assignments plus some other extra stuffs to do
Memang gile... driving me crazy!

*listening 愛を歌おう by 絢香

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