Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bye Nov

Always wanted leather boots since I was a kid, my cousin have it and I think it's sooo cool
And especially when I started to love Hisashi from GLAY (but he's was platform boots)

Aiya can't see the heels!!

And now I finally got myself a leather boots! *tears of joy*
Carlo Rino 50% off ehh, become RM80++! (thanks mum! :3)
It's not better than that boots I saw last time at Forever 21, which has more metal stuffs *cough*
But at least the price is reasonable, leather quality is good, and they have my shoe size!
(the one in Forever 21 cost more than RM200 and I can't wear their biggest size, size 8.. cis..)
And now most of those leather boots all with sharp high heels
so 难得 found a flat heel leather boots! >_< size="1">(KRS boots were my first boots but they're not included and I can't wear it anymore, so small)
Kept syok sendiri when I reached home!
Gonna wear it at my cousin's wedding next week
Not sure when is the next time I'll wear it tho.. lol


Just now my dad let him drive his Kembara
I've only drove my mum/sis' manual Kancil frequently and mum's Myvi once
Now finally drove my dad's car(the engine is slow tho)~ *jumps around*
Always felt very happy and excited whenever they let me to drive
But felt so emo whenever I drive like shit, it feels like daring your life
Manual cars are really cool, but I'm always scare that it will mati
Because of over-thinking, I drive like shit!


Need to pass up an assignment next Tuesday but haven't done....
It's going to be Week 10 next week, also the end of November...Bye.

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