Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm here again... bored...
Had "no choice" but to do revision at home (lol this IS what I suppose to do)
Since we're only starting to do our assignments next week(/this week? today is Sunday)
Got "nothing" else to do... now I'm finally start doing some revisions
It's scary while flipping those notes, 'cause they're quite confusing
Art Law and Moral.. both boring subjects.. I don't wanna fail any subjects =\

(eww suddenly feel like puking and fainting for no reason
wait.. maybe it's because I haven't have my lunch yet.. blah)

(oh wait, I think I know what's wrong.. I can't taste anything on the tip of my tougue
I can't taste the filet burger and nuggets and chili sauce's taste D: )


Just created another playlist for myself while studying...

- I Drive Myself Crazy
- Falling
- Music of My Heart
- I Thought She Knew
- This I Promise You

Adam Lambert
- Aftermath
- Time For Miracles
- No Boundaries
- Starlight (Muse acoustic live cover)
- I Just Love You (cover)
- Mad World (AI9)
- If I Can't Have You (AI9)
- One (AI9)

Megan Joy (AI9)
- Put Your Records On
- For Once In My Life
- Turn Your Lights Down Low

Kris Allen
- Falling Slowly
- The Truth

Matchbox Twenty
- If You're Gone
- Bright Lights
- Unwell
- Unwell (acoustic)
- Push (acoustic)

Red Hot Chili Pepper
- Under The Bridge

Savage Garden
- I Knew I Loved You

Michelle Branch
- Good Bye to You
- All You Wanted

- Champagne Supernova
- Don't Look Back in Anger

Sixpence None the Richer
- There She Goes
- Kiss Me

The Fray
- How To Save a Life

Kings of Leon
- Use Somebody

- Believe
- Feels Like Home
- Drive Away
- Untogether
- God Only Knows
- Don't Tell Me That It's Over
- Courage

- Here We Go Again
- That's What You Get
- Franklin
- I Caught Myself

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
- Maps

Nick Jonas and the Administration
- Who I Am

The Killers
- Mr Brightside

Florence + the Machine
- Kiss with a Fist
- Drumming Song

The Ting Tings
- Great DJ

An Cafe
- Meguriaeta Kiseki
- Golden Wing
- Nanairo Crayon de Egaku Hikari

Nakashima Mika (as NANA)
- Hitoiro

- Last Song
- Rain

Hirai Ken
- Aika (Elegy)

Hitoto Yo
- Hanamizuki

Hamasaki Ayumi + Gackt
- Itsuka no Merry Christmas

- Itoshii Hito

- Cat Walk
- Yasashisa
- Hotaru Hotaru
- Saraba Seishun
- Joshi tachi ni asu ha nai ★
- Renai Spirits
- message
- Otogi no Kuni no Kimi
- Dai Dai
- Sunao

- Fuyu no Etranger
- Precious ★
- Haruka... ★
- Apologize
- Hitohira no Jiyu
- Way of Difference
- Haru made ha
- White Road ★
- Natsuoto
- I'm in Love
- summer FM
- Ikigai ★
- All Standard is You
- Muyuubyou
- Christmas Ring
- We All Feel His Strength of Tender
- Sotsugyou made, ato sukoshi
- Street Life ★
- Tomadoi
- Zutto futari de...
- However
- Special thanks
- Hello My Life
- Good Bye Bye Sunday

- A Story
- LEMONed I Scream (cover by shame)
- FLAME (cover by Zeppet Store)
- Good Bye (Yoshiki piano tribute) ★

- Crucify My Love

- Jojoushi

Tachibana Keita
- Candle
- Hidamari no Hana
- Kimi no koe
- Koe
- Renai Michi

- Somehow
- This Time ~negai~
- Love Train
- Dedicated to You
- Deny
- Eien no Tochuu
- Gift


ayaka ★
- Blue Days
- Eien no monogakari
- Story
- Mikaduki
- Jewelry Days
- Why
- Minna sora no shita

- Goodbye Days
- I remember You

- Ajisai
- Caramel
- Eru
- Life

Sugarawa Sayuri
- Sunao ni narenakutte

Otsuka Ai
- tears
- Renai Shashin
- Cherish
- Friends

*Added (101101)

- Hanging By A Moment

The Calling
- Wherever You Will Go

Melanie C
- When You're Gone (& Byran Adams)
- Never Be The Same Again

Goo Goo Dolls
- Iris

*Added again* (101102)

Alanis Morissette
- You Oughta Know
- Ironic

- If Only
- Mmmbop

Celine Dion
- It's All Coming Back to Me Now

- Don't Let Me Get Me
- You Make Me Sick
- Get The Party Started
- Just Like A Pill
- Family Portrait
- Please Don't Leave Me
- So What

The Corrs
- Breathless
- Runaway

The Moffatts
- Miss You Like Crazy
- Misery
- Bang Bang Boom


Wellp, I've wasted my time doing these...
But who cares.. I love it!

And I love Hisa and Teruki~~~

From his RX-72 blog~ めっちゃカッコイ♥

輝樹さんもカワイイ! ww

*cough* random *cough*


Wellpppp, gonna spend my dinner with my dad tonight since my mum and sis are not at home
Poor us.. poor "crabs" (as in the horoscope Cancer.. me and my dad both are Cancer lol)

Ok continue revision Zzzz

P/s: I really lost my Art Law report brief....

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