Tuesday, October 12, 2010


3-hour-break, 2-hour-break.. How good is that..? NOT!!
Now me and two of my classmates are waiting the time to pass, now in the college's ICT
First thing to sign in - FACEBOOK wtf.. still bored
Can't go to YoutTube 'cause it's blocekd, good thing Dailymotion is not
BUT it won't load any video, the connection... not consider very slow
But can't load any videos, and I didn't put any songs into my pendrive..
Boring.. BORING!!

98% of my classmates is going to skip the following classes, how nice..
I wanted to, but I can't keep on telling my mum that the classes are "cancelled"
So.. blah..
And now I'm bored, and sleepy, and feel like wasting my time
Well at least I won't be wasting my house electricity but the college's electricity.. lol


Yayyyy, hellooo now it's 6pm, came back home 1 hour ago
There's a lecture class right now actually, but.. oh well =(


Things I've planned and should do..

1. Aim higher for my studies (as in design subjects, not moral or.. art LAW..)
Must gain back my CGPA ahhh!!

2. Save money, just as usual
Used up all my savings in my tabung 'cause bought the guitar multi-effect pedal..
Last month's saving.. I actually manage to save RM100 (during holiday la)
But used it also, to buy Adam Lambert's concert ticket..! (my sis paid the rest... ...:3)

3. Eat lesser, do more(a bit) exercise, sleep earl..ier...
Because I'm fat and my pimples are still with me
Been saying that I want to cut off my fatness since Form 5, now I finally start doing it
But the problem is.. I still can't avoid those food that makes me fat..

Last week classmate's birthday, ate Secret Recipe.. CHEESE flavour..
Weekend dad brought us out to have our dinner... PRAWNS and SOTONGS...
pimples added more..
Just now McD... eat until I want to puke.. not full, but 腻.. although it taste good and I kept eating those fries..
“久久吃一两次”是借口.. Gaining weight is freakin' easy, but losing weight is NOT
I've didn't eat extra meal now, didn't eat any extra snacks anymore
(except yesterday evening before dinner I'm too hungry so I ate some crackers *COUGH*)
Started to live without any extra cakes or egg tarts *cries*, but still can't avoid some stuffs..
And I want to sleep before 11pm, but still...
I want a healthier life please...

If I'm short, you'll see how fat am I, especially my freakin legs
, they are seriously disgusting
Thanks to my height. lol.
But just because I don't look fat doesn't mean I'm skinny..
So please let me slim down la...

顶.. 以前不会肥的时候一直想增肥,现在.. 收不回自己讲过的东西了-__-

很爽很恐怖很刺激啊!驾去学校.. 没有驾过去酱远~~~
一直没有看侧镜....|||| *咳*
惨咯.. 下次我可能是个危险的驾驶者....

现在week3了,可是都还没有什么assignment brief
只是做了2D animation的lip sync... (其实还有下个星期moral presentation.. 这个星期要draft的,不过都没有动到..)
*啊-----! 脚麻痹啊!!! X____X*
下个星期才brief assignment,要开始忙了.... =(

550D... 之前在烦要不要换,过后没有烦了
现在又有点.... 噢,钱啊.... 噢算了...吧....


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